Tuesday, September 06, 2011

1967 – “The Ambushers” Man-Amplifier – (American)

Hey pallies, likes where will our most beloved Dino turn up next? Well, today's Dino-gram originates at a blog pad tagged "Cyberneticzoo"...a history of cybernetic animals and early robots where blogger Mr. Reuben Hoggett holds forth on everythin' robotic.

Mr. Hoggett has put the accent on Helmer caper numero three, "The Ambushers," where "man-amplifer's" are used in the beer factory. Likes don't ever remember seein' our Dino lifted up from this angle before...but sure to help others to discover our amazin' man and draw more and more pallies to deep, pure, and true Dino-devotion.

ilovedinomartin send out our Dino-appreciato to Mr. Hoggett and his most creative and outstandin' blog, "Cyberneticzoo." Loves, loves, loves when the Dino-message is shared with such Dino-creativity! To checks this out in it's original format, likes clicks on the tag of this Dino-gram. Dino-delightedly, DMP

1967 – “The Ambushers” Man-Amplifier – (American)

The Ambushers (Movie) – 1967

When a government-built flying saucer is hijacked mid-flight by Jose Ortega, the exiled ruler for an outlaw nation, secret agent Matt Helm and the ship's former pilot Sheila Sommars are sent to recover it.
Once in Acapulco, Helm and Sommers get a tour by Ortega's frontman Quintana, through the brewery he operates. Sommers notices the the strange contraptions several workers are 'wearing' whilst loading beer barrels into trucks.

Quintana: "Fantastic, Isn't it? It gives the average man the strength of a giant. It can handle a 1500 lb load.
………"Its controlled by Hydro-mechanical servo valves." (All very much the specification of GE's Hardiman concept. You can see the orange-brown Hardiman concept models here.)

Along the way, they must deal with Ortega's henchmen, Francesca Madeiros (an operative for Helm's main nemesis Big O), who poses as a model and seduces Helm, an assassin named Nassim, plus a tough thug named Rocco.

Later, we see Sheila Sommers 'manning the man-amplifier' (the phrase sounds odd when Janice Rule is the operator!) rolling beer kegs like 10-pin bowling balls at Ortega to stop him from shooting at her and Helm.

Dean Martin … Matt Helm
Senta Berger … Francesca Madeiros
Janice Rule … Sheila Sommers
James Gregory …MacDonald
Albert Salmi … Jose Ortega
Kurt Kasznar … Quintana

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Levi said...

I really dig this movie and i wish i had that cool poster of Matt Helm on the bike.
Watched James Bond last week, Matt Helm was the best of the best.