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Dean Martin has been on bloody repeat on YouTube since getting home otherwise Jamie has a fit.

The Mummy Diaries: Two babies - Week 12
Hey pallies, likes this very Dino-day we are absolutely abundantly awed to share with all youse Dino-philes a touchin' true tale of a wonderful wee  little laddie tagged Jaime who at a very tender age  has already found himself supremely smitten by our most beloved Dino and completely, coolly craves to listen to, sing a long with, and dance to the croonin' of our King of Cool.

Likes today we are powerfully pleased to  transports youse to the mommy blog "The Mummy Diaries." where sweet Scottish scriber Miss Emma Hargan (pictured on the left with youngen Jaime) has wisely written 'bout wee Jaime's introduction to our most beloved Dino by his "gramps" durin' a car ride and how Jaine's deep deep delight in our Dino has beautifully blossomed likes incredibly instantaneously.

We invites all  youse Dino-holics to read all 'bout how Jaime, at the time not quite 3 years old, has fallen for our one and only Dino.....once 'gain provin' the transformin' power of our Dino whether you're three or 33 or 93.  And, likes pallies the earlier one get's introduced to our Dino we just know the deeper the devotion to Dino will be!

We thanks mother/writer Miss Emma Hargan for sharin' Jaime's deepest of deepest Dino-delight.  To checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this Dino-gram.  We conclude this Dino-tale with a youtube vid of our Dino's croonin' of the Dino-tune that completely captured wee laddie Jaime's heart....."Go, Go, Go!"

We Remain,

Yours In Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

The Mummy Diaries: Two babies – Week 52   "Think Scotland"
by Emma Hargan

article from Tuesday 2, July, 2019

THE FIRST WEEK BACK to the old routine after our lovely holiday. I absolutely love going on holidays but I also love coming home too. Two weeks of sun, eating bbq’s, ice creams and as much alcohol that I would usually consume annually, all packed into a fortnight. Mmm, yeah who am I kidding, I’d be back on a plane tomorrow if could!

I always find the first week home flies in. The kids were still so exhausted after all the excitement that they couldn’t wait to see bedtime every night. Jamie was super excited to get back to creche on Wednesday morning and see his friends and Lily was back to her toys that she hadn’t seen in two weeks – so it was like Christmas again for her! James had no time to relax as he was back to work straight away on Monday morning. And me? I was up to my neck in unpacking suitcases, washing clothes, food shopping, changing nappies, breaking up fights over who gets to play with Buzz Lightyear, explaining the importance of having to wear socks (yet again) – and why we say ‘Uh oh’ after we wet our pants and not ‘Fox Ache.’

Yes things were back to normal. With one slight twist… we now have to listen to re-runs of Dean Martin on a daily basis.


Have you heard of Dean Martin? I had – just. Well, I recognised the name but it wasn’t until I heard his famous songs that I knew who he was. Now? I hear Dean Martin’s voice more than my own and I have Jamie’s Gramps to thank for that!

One of the days we were in France, my Dad said he was popping out for a bit to get some messages and that he’d take Jamie for the run while Lily was sleeping so we could have a bit of time to chill ourselves. We got Jamie strapped into his car seat and he was all excited for going out. Excellent! Kids sorted, bikini on, beers opened, sun out and pool time! Mum and Dad live quite a bit away from any shops so I knew that they would be gone for a wee while. So, James and I had a nice swim, a couple of beers and some sun before Dad and Jamie appeared back with the music blaring out of the car and Jamie with a big smile on his face. Jamie saw us at the pool and couldn’t wait to get out and come over to us as he wanted into the water asap! Dad said he’d been as good as gold and was happy singing in the back of the car.

“He was singing?” I asked.

“Oh yeah, he was loving it. Does he not sing when he’s in the car with you?” Dad replied.

“No I’ve never heard him singing, he just blethers away usually.” I said while giving Jamie a cuddle and getting him into his swimming shorts. Just in time for Lily to wake up from her nap and we then spent the next couple of hours messing about in the pool and having a great time.

Later that day after we came back into the house and Dad was starting to prepare dinner, Jamie was running around the kitchen table singing, ‘Go go go go!’ and humming a wee tune over and over. Dad smiled and disappeared out of the room while me and James were trying to figure out what Jamie was singing. The next minute, Dad came back into the room with a CD, put it in the player and pressed play. The crackles of a record from 1951 started up and blared ‘GO GO GO GO!’ out of the speakers. Jamie smiled and shouted “Yeah! Go go go go!” and started dancing.

“What on earth is that?” I asked Dad.

“It’s Dean Martin’s album, I had it on in the car and Jamie started singing away to it.” Dad says laughing.

“Who the heck is Dean Martin?” I replied.

James shot me a look and says, “Aw now come on, you must know who Dean Martin is?”  he said in disgust. “He’s so famous.”

‘Mmm, nope, I’ve never heard this song before in my life!’ I exclaimed.

“Ok well , you must have heard this one..”

When marimba rhythms start to play

Dance with me, make me sway

Like a lazy ocean hugs the shore

Hold me close, sway me more

“Oh yeah I’ve heard that one, I know who you mean now.” I said.

And that was it. Dean Martin has been on bloody repeat on YouTube since getting home otherwise Jamie has a fit. I’m actually at the point where I don’t know what listening to is worse? Jamie whinging or Dean Martin singing.

Wednesday morning and Jamie was back at creche. I was going to miss him but I was also looking forward to having a few hours of peace without the kids fighting and having to listen to Dean Martin. Lily and I set off to the shops to get some food in to the house and as the weather was so nice, we sat out in the garden for an hour before we had to leave and pick Jamie up. Jamie was exhausted when we arrived home so it was a case of a drink of juice, a trip to the bathroom, change of clothes and down for a nap. Luckily, Lily was tired as well and fell asleep in her bouncer chair. Bliss! Back out to the garden for me and enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts.

Thursday was definitely the biggest challenge of the week. The kids were tired and grumpy, I was tired and grumpy and the weather had taken a turn for the worse and it was bucketing down with rain outside. By 11.00am, I had exhausted all my ‘surprise toys’ that I had hid in the cupboard for emergencies in keeping them occupied and the fighting commenced. We were also on the second run of Dean Martin’s album. I was ready for the mental. Raining or not, I couldn’t cope with being in the house for another minute. Rain coats on, buggy board clipped on, Lily strapped in and rain cover on – good to go (go go go). Even though it was raining, it was still pretty warm and but were dressed for Niagra Falls so we went on our usual walk. It did everyone good, and by the time we got back, the sun was out so I just let Jamie and Lily play outside in the back garden until dinner time and James came home to take over amusing the kids until bedtime.

Before we knew it, Friday had landed. Another busy day of dropping James off at work in the morning so I can take the car and do creche runs and other wee errands and shopping trips. The day had flown in and I was busy making dinner when I heard a commotion in the sitting room. I shouted on James but he had gone upstairs to get changed, so I went into see what was happening. They were fighting over Jamie’s car.

“Aw Jamie, let Lily play with your car, you have lots of other toys?” I asked.

Jamie roars at me, ‘GO GO GO GO!’

“Okay.” I said sighing. I switched Dean Martin on again. Anything for a quiet life

Just as I had switched it on, James walks into the room.

“When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie…”and says, “Aw we’re not listening to that crap again?”

Lily lets out a shriek and after splitting up what seemed like the umpteenth fight of the day, there was definitely no “That’s Amore!” lost between these two. More like “Ain’t that a kick in the head!”

Thanks Gramps!

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Yay Jaime! Smart Smart young fella, for sure, pals! That goes for Gramps too. As for "mum" & the rest of the with it! Haha!! Fun read, pal.