Sunday, August 16, 2020

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "In A Little Spanish Town"

Good evenin', pals!
Good mornin' & afternoon, as well!

Whatever time it is that youse is able to stop by our little, wee Dino-waterin' hole...Welcome!

The heat is finally lettin' up 'round my neck o' the woods!

Not a minute to soon either, mi amici!
I felt like I've been meltin'!

I don't likes to squawk...'cause I know some spots are MUCH worse than my 90s...but man o man,'s been bloody HOT!!!

Anyways...thins' is coolin' off.
For the time bein', at least.

So...palsies o' mine...youse know how I ALWAYS says that Dino's "French Style" al b um, just seems to go SO SO well with the Springtime season?

Well, my just so happens that our bestest of best bros, Dino, also has us a swingin' piece o' vinyl that is simply PER FEC TO for the hot & humid...sweaty, sultry, dog days o' Summer!

Let's me introduce youse to yet 'nother one of Danny G's FAVE o' FAVES al b ums for these lazy days & balmy nights..."Dino Latino"!

It's true, pals!

I swear to youse...on all that is Holy...Dean must've put these COOL COOL recordins' together...with these HOT HOT months in mind!

Youse gots to try it out for yourselves, mi amici!

I know you have it...somewhere.
If's only a keypad away.

It's sure to squeeze out the last few drops...of these last few weeks...of Summer...& keep youse on ice all the way to Christmas!

It's that cool, my friends!

Well, let's not talk snowflakes yet, pallies...they'll creep in soon 'nough!

OK, let's get to the Serenade!

Probably my numero uno pick from this one is "In a Little Spanish Town".
It's Fun!
It swings!
It get's my toes tappin', pals!

It's definitely got that vibe I'm longin' for...on a night like this!

So...without further a due...& goin' out to a Dino-fan among Dino-fans...our very own & one & only...Ms. AOW!
I know she loves this tune & I know it brings her great memories.

Enjoy, pallies!
Soak in the Dino-flow!


dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Danny-o, as youse sez, "Soak in the Dino-flow!".....soakin' in our most beloved Dino is truly the pause that always radiantly refreshes!

BlueisCoool said...

What a great selection this week Danny G.! A wonderful upbeat number that gets your feet moving although you probably won't want to go to far in this heat. Hopefully things have continued to cool down a bit up in New England!

Have a great week.


Danny G. said...

Hey Scotty my pal! Yes thins’ is finally lettin’ Up. I’m gettin’ into Halloween mode early this year. Decoratin’ on Sept 1! Haha!!