Sunday, September 23, 2018

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Home"

Hey pals...Happy Fall! 

So long, Summer...youse been great. 

But man o's time to move on. 
Time to catch our breath & reboot our busy brains. 
Get thins' organized. 

Get ourselves into a chilly weather mode. 

Gotta set our sights on these new cool cool Autumn days headin' our way, mi amici!

 Let's think now...hmmmm...what do we need to get done outside???

 What needs to be put away???

 What needs to be dragged out??? 

What should I do with all these damn pool toys???!!! 

Yup...lots of preparation to thinks 'bout.

 Hey...guess what, pallies? 
No biggie.
 Just do what I do!
 Grab my headphones & get to it! 

Yea...Dino will help with the heavy liftin', pals.
 Mentally, anyway! 

 OK...let's grab some jams! 

So...I've been into "The Dean Martin TV Show" al b um, lately.
 I figured I play just one more smooth & easy Serenade before I move on. 

 Now one of my NEW/OLD fave jams is DEF I NATE LY "Home". 
Cool Cool tune, pals.
 REAL smooth & REAL easy on the ears. 

Soothin' lyrics that hung with me all week.
 "Night covers all, and though fortune may forsake me, Sweet dreams will ever take me home." 

Man...these words REALLY speak to me, my friends!

 It's like Dino is sayin' "Hey, pallie...don't sweat thins' so much. 
The Hell with it all.
 Life's 'bout bein' happy! 
Great mem'rys, pal.
 Not money."

 And let me tell youse...Ol' pals o' mine...Dean is SO SO right! 

Soak in the Dino-message, mi amici.



Unknown said...

Now that's a Sunday kinda a song pallie!!!
Slow, low, and all Dino!!

Danny G. said...

Haha!! Youse speaketh the Dino-truth, Ed!

BlueisCoool said...

It is official, the fall season has arrived. What happened to the summer!? I am sure there is still many more warm days to enjoy before you know what arrives next. Anyways if Dean is not sweating it why should we! A wonderful song selection Danny G. to ease us all into the coming fall season!

Have a wonderful week.


Danny G. said...

Glad youse dug the “Welcome to Fall” Dino-Jam, Scotty my pal! Loves this time of year! Except the rakin’! Haha!!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallies, likes Danny-o, as our Dino suavely sings 'bout returnin' home, all us Dino-holics yearn to always stay completely connected to our Dino who has wonderfully welcomed us into his world. Keeps lovin' 'n sharin' our Dino's wonderful teachin's with Dino-holics gathered at our humble little ilovedinomartin conclave!

Danny G. said...

Man! This tune REALLY sucks me in! Is it just me or is this truly Dino speakin’ to us! If youse is able, my friends...grab a quiet space...where youse can turn this one up. Get the music & the lyrics really fillin’ the whole room’s air. I’m tellin’ that very moment...your walkin’ with Dino. Incredible feelin’ ,pals.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Danny-o, likes we are totally totally transformed by your remarkable revelation of how our Dino truly is speakin' to us in this stirrin' song...indeed our Dino is speakin' his touchin' 'n tender truth to all us Dino-philes!