Sunday, March 19, 2017

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "I'm Not The Marrying Kind"

Hey pallies...Welcome to the LAST Sunday Serenade of Winter!

Yeaaaa Hooooo!!!

Told youse we'd make it through, mi amici...with a little bit o' help from our bestest pallie, Dino...of course!

Don't matter WHAT weather hits us now pals...Spring is Spring & I says BRING IT!!!

Anyways, my friends...I wanted to REALLY jump into this new SWINGIN' season with a FUN FUN Dino-jam!

A tune that REALLY gets thins' bouncin' & is COMPLETELY Dino-fied!

Had to thinks to myself..."Danny G....what cool cool croon comes to mind when I'm contemplatin' Dean's mentality & personality?!"

 "His thinkins' & his drinkins!"

"HIS SINGIN' & HIS SWINGIN'!!!" Haha!! THATS mucho contemplatin'!!! make this already TOO long story, short... It came to me.

It may seem kinda contradictin'...for obvious reasons...BUT...what better Serenade could I have chosen than "I'm Not the Marring Kind"?


As a mater of facto, makes PERFECT SENSE!!!
Dean was not made to be tied down, pallies!
 Likes I always says..."Youse can't tame what was meant to be wild"!!! Ha!

He tried. We all know he tried. Three times actually.
 I thinks we all can agree 'bout how he felt for Jeanne.
Loved her to death.
Just couldn't flow with the whole damn marryin' part!

Oh well,'s not for everyone.

 So, that bein' said...this my humble opinion...Dino's TRUE signature tune.

And it is with TRUE TRUE EXCITEMENT, that I gets to post this "last day of Winter", little jam!!!

"I'm happy bein' free, no girl gonna put a rain on me!" Hahaha!

Now if that ain't our Dean...I don't know WHAT is!!!

OK, youse diggers of Dino...hear we go!

Spring is here!!!
Let's soak it in, my friends!

I go my way alone free and easy like a rolling stone
I am strictly on my own not the marrying kind
I'm happy being free no girl gonna put a rain on me
It's always gotta be I'm not the marrying kind
I've been known to run a mile when they try to lead me down the aisle
So if you want me to stay a while don't start changing my style
It's always been my plan to stay single any way I can
I'm just a happy man I'm not the marrying kind
I'm not the marrying kind
It's always been my plan...
Not the marrying kind I'm not the marrying kind
(Not the marrying not the marrying not the marrying kind)


BlueisCoool said...

A wonderful couple of songs Danny G., a great treat on a Sunday morning. It would seem winter is holding on for all it can in New England, this always happens every few years. It will just make everyone appreciate spring that much more. Hopefully the warmer weather arrives very soon for everyone up north.

Have a wonderful week.


Danny G. said...

Hey Pal, Scott my man!'s hangin' in am I! Haha!! First day of Spring today & all is GREAT! Nice to hear from ya' & glad youse dug the Dino-jams!!!