Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I picked DEAN (yay!)

Hey pallies, likes there simply are unendin' ways to the many and varied ways that our Dino is showin' up and layin' his happiness on us his pallies.  Likes today's Dino-happiness comes from a pallie who made it big playin' the Dean Martin Wild Party slot machine.  From the blog, "Epicfail.se" comes a youtube vid of a dude who got twenty free spins and a big hit with this Dino-slot.  We totally totally digs these thrillin' words of Dino-appreciato, "I picked DEAN (yay!)"

Likes we deeply deeply digs seein' our Dino makin' a big splash with the slots seein' as how our most beloved Dino loved to be a high roller himself.  Likes our only problemo would be we are so addicted to our Dino that once we started playin' Wild Party we wouldn't knows how to stop....winnin' or losin' 'cause we never ever can gets 'nough of our great great man.

Congrats to the pallie who struck it big with Dino, and thanks for sharin' this vid with us.  To checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this Dino-gram.  Dino-playin', DMP

Dean Martin’s Wild Party: 20 Free Spins & Big Win

So I FINALLY got the "Holy Grail" of all the Money Burst machines - the 4 matching/locking symbols on the left, and the 3 "bonuses" on the main reels, for a big time total of 20 spins. I had originally matched the (low paying) music notes, but when you also get the bonus, it lets you pick, and take the higher symbol. I picked DEAN (yay!), and was betting 5 credits per line ($1.50). In the end, could have been more, but a very cool 166x bet!


Danny G. said...

Man o man...I play this slot all the time & ain't NEVER hit like that!! Hahaha! O well...I ain't complainin'. Long as I get Dean to sing...I'm a winner! Hahaha! Great hit!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Danny-o dude, so youse gets to play this often....how cool it woulda be if you woulda consider doin' a little review of the pleasure of playin' with Dino. Very very cool indeed! Keeps lovin', keeps playin' with our Dino!