Monday, June 23, 2014

Dean Martin in Italy

Hey pallies, likes when we opened our email account today we noticed a message from one of our Dino-diggin' pallies tagged Jesse who hangs his hat at the cool cool  blog "Just a car guy --cool things with wheels."  Jesse is big into our most beloved  Dino and on occassion shares pixs of our Dino and wheels with us and sometimes posts 'em on his blog.

Today Jesse wrote a email tagged "Dean with a Vespa... new to me" with the message....."I'm hoping you've never seen it before and will enjoy it too!  Have a great week!  Your pallie,Jesse
Likes we are always so so pleased to be able to call dudes like Jesse pallie....'cause indeed true pallies share their Dino-devotion with each other.

While we gotta 'fess us that likes we have seen this Dino-pose before, we are thrilled to be able to shares it 'gain with all you Dino-philes and invites you to clicks on the tag of this Dino-gram to see it at Jesse's pad along with a longer post on "Vespa and Lambretta."

We sez our thanks mucho to our great great Dino-devoted pallie's great to have a guy like you to enjoy Dino-treasure with.  Keeps lovin', keeps postin' our Dino!   Dino-awed, DMP

Vespa and Lambretta

Dean Martin in Italy


blueiscoool said...

What a great looking capture!

It is always a treat to see things like this.

Have a great week.


dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes coulda 'gree more Scotty...thanks for droppin' some patter dude! Keeps lovin', keeps postin' our most beloved Dino!