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5 Secret Reasons Why Martin & Lewis Broke Up

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Hey pallies, likes Dino-devotion abounds on the internet and likes it is always always so so much pleasure to do our almost everyday 20 pages of google Dino-lert searchin' to just see where our Dino will turn up next.
Today we visit at nostalgia  pad, "Do You Remember -YESTERDAY BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND"
where one of the staff scribers Mr. Serge Stevens has turned is attentionado to our main man and his partner, Mr. Jerry Lewis, in his nostalgic nod, "5 Secret Reasons Why Martin & Lewis Broke Up."

Likes we gotta 'fess up that whenever we see the word "secret" in a tag of a book or article, or whatever, we are always suspicious 'cause often the information shared ain't really much of a "secret," but likes we know it is a good way to draw attention, and we were drawn to Mr. Stevens Dino-gram wonderin' if we woulda learns anythin' new....which is always always our total total Dino-desire.

With a cool collection of pixs, prose, and vid clips Mr. Stevens has gone a very credible job with speakin' of the split between our most beloved Dino and his fabulous partner Mr. Lewis.  Of the "5 Secret Reasons." there is only one that we had not heard of before, likes can you guess which one that is?  And, likes probably most of youse Dino-holics readin' this have heard all five before, 'though Serge has in a couple of cases but what we consider a bit of a new twist on the Dino-info.

We swankly salute Mr. Serge Stevens for homagin' our Dino and Mr. Lewis in this way and particularly appreciate the pixs and vid clips that he has assembled for our viewin' pleasure.  Hopefully we will hear more from Stevens on our Dino in the future.  So, thank you very much Mr. Stevens and all the pallies at   "Do You Remember -YESTERDAY BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND" for keepin' the Dino-light glowin' Dino-bright and helpin' your readership to grow in knowin', lovin', and honorin' our most most beloved Dino!

To checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram.  Dino-delightedly, DMP

5 Secret Reasons Why Martin & Lewis Broke Up
By Serge Stevens / June 19, 2014

Lewis Martin1 Slider 5 Secret Reasons Why Martin & Lewis Broke Up

 By the mid 1950s, the team of Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin was at the top of their game: They made 17 hugely popular films, regularly appeared on TV to staggering ratings, and appeared in live shows that became can’t-miss events in Vegas. They were the most popular entertainers of their era, and the most highly paid, as well.

According to Lewis, here’s why it worked: “Who were Dean’s fans? Men, women, the Italians. Who were Jerry’s fans? Women, Jews, kids. Who were Martin and Lewis’ fans? All of them….You had fans that didn’t give a shit that Jerry was on or that Dean was singing. Because if Dean was singing, that was Martin and Lewis. If Jerry was goin’ nuts, that was Martin and Lewis.” So why, then, did this unbeatable pair break up at the very height of their fame?

1. Jerry was a workaholic; Dean was lazy.

 Dean was lazy 5 Secret Reasons Why Martin & Lewis Broke Up

Lewis was an obsessed perfectionist, and demanded every movie shot to be just so. He had aspirations to grow his fame in excess of the great Charlie Chaplin. Martin sought balance in his life, which meant plenty of time on the golf course.

2. Jerry was the talent; Dean the straight man.

It rankled Martin that Lewis’ antics captured their audiences’ attention. And it wasn’t just about performing; Lewis had aspirations to be a great writer and film director.

3. Their wives didn’t get along.

with wives 5 Secret Reasons Why Martin & Lewis Broke Up

When Dean married his second wife, Jeanne, Jerry and his wife, Patti, didn’t approve.

4. They had artistic differences.

Dean was happy to continue the dynamic between the two, whereby Lewis was the antic clown, while Dean was the accommodating, suave older brother. Jerry, however, began altering his character into a sad clown, who joked to hide his loneliness and distress. Dean was not a fan of Lewis’ pathos.

5. Look magazine pulled the plug.

The popular mag was running a cover story on the pair, but at the last minute dropped Martin from the front-page photograph. Martin fulfilled the pair’s movie contract—their last film together was ironically titled Hollywood or Bust—but announced that he wouldn’t appear with Lewis again, referring to his onetime partner as “nothing but a f**king dollar sign, to me.”

 martin lewis body 5 Secret Reasons Why Martin & Lewis Broke Up

The pair wouldn’t talk again for 20 years; they famously reunited for one of Lewis’ Labor Day telethons for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Martin was moved when Lewis unexpectedly attended the funeral of his son Dean.

For Lewis, time has softened some of the old hurts. He displays a respect for Dean Martin’s talents that were frequently overshadowed by Lewis’ manic schtick. He calls Martin “the most underrated entertainer in history.” After a life of great success and great loss, many life-threatening health crises and several wives, Lewis is left with many happy memories and much regret regarding his long-ago best friend, who died in 1995.

But the breakup remains a mystery, even to Lewis. “Why we broke up,” he said, “I’ll never know.”


Danny G. said...

Great piece of work! Dosen't seem so bafflin' to me though. Dean wanted to do his own thin'! Period. It's that simple. Was the best move he ever made. Lucky us!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallies, likes Danny-o, likes I can't say that I coulda disagree with anythin' you sez! Likes you speaketh the Dino truth!

Always On Watch said...

1. Jerry was a workaholic; Dean was lazy.

IMO, our Dino relied more on spontaneity than Jerry did. Stalenenss is deadly for the straight man in a comedy duo.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Miss AOW....what a great insight into our Dino! Likes hopes you are bein' able to enjoy even more Dino durin' your summer break! Keeps lovin' our most beloved Dino!