Sunday, June 08, 2014

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: 97th Birthday Special "Mr. Wonderful"


Man o man pallies...Is THIS a special weekend or what?!!! Can youse believe that our bestest of best pals, Dino, would've been 97 yesterday?! UN BE LIEVE ABLE! It also TOTALLY blows my mind that we've been without him for nearly 20 years now! Time goes by WAY too fast, don't it pals?
We are so so FOR TUN ATE to have access to this WON DER FUL internet of ours! I can transport myself back to 1965 & watch Dean rulin' the world, like he was born to do, anytime I want!!! Hahaha!!!
I TRULY couldn't imagine gettin' through my day without, at least, one or two Dino-tunes or vids on my 'puter!
Well pallies...I wanted to post somethin' a little bit different for today's Serenade. Somethin' that TRULY captures Dean's comedic charm, charisma & his ever present aura of cool.
In HONOR of Dean's birthday...(A.K.A) "The day that coolness came to Earth"...I picked a clip from an event for President Reagan. I believe it was 1984.  It's classic Dean. A bit older... but STILL able to capture the room & hold them...almost hypnotically...until he's ready for 'nother scotch! Haha!! 
 As usual...he does it so so effortlessly... you can't help but catch the feelin' of ULTIMATE relaxation! Always leaves us with a smile on our face & a little extra pep in our step.
I didn't include lyrics with the vid. Really no need pals. Just sit back & watch Dino workin ' his magic on "Mr. Wonderful" & you'll know what I mean.
 He may be gone...split from this scene...but Dean is as alive now as he was June 7, 1917.
Years can't steal our pal. Nothin' can. He's with us forever. Frozen in time for ALL to inhale. Happy Birthday Dino! Forever young! Forever our pal!


blueiscoool said...

What a wonderful video on a very special week and it is esp nice since i have not seen this classic before.

Thank you for posting such a great moment from yesteryear.

Have a wonderful week everyone.


Danny G. said...

My pleasure pal!