Saturday, June 21, 2014

.......and so did Dean Martin

Hey pallies, today's Dino-gram comes courtesy of our ubber-devoted-to-Dino pallie Danny-o who brought the followin' Dino-devotion to our attention....likes it is such a pure pure pleasure to have other Dino-holics always on the look out for unique ultra cool Dino-stuff to share here at our humble little Dino-home!

From the very very coolly tagged blog "URBANDADDY" come an incredible image of our great great Dino circa 1967 gettin' out of his great great sport's car, a Facel Vega at the NBC studio where he woulda be tapin' an episode of his fabulous Dean Martin Variety Show.  Likes we totally totally digs how the author of this blog post makes note of our Dino's style....."Note the smoke, monogrammed velvet slippers and valet.
Did this guy know how to travel or what…"

Indeed this is one candid Dino-shot that we have never ever seen before and we are grateful to our pallie Danny-o and the folks at "URBANDADDY" for makin' this Dino-viewin' possible.   Likes to checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-report.  Dino-always, ever, and only, DMP

Dean Martin’s Facel Vega


 The Facel Vega, a sort of French Bentley, was only produced for 10 short years, but in its time was the most exclusive motorcar there was.

Sinatra, Picasso and Fred Astaire all drove Vegas—and so did Dean Martin

.Here, the Rat Pack roué climbs out of his Vega in 1967, arriving at the studio to tape The Dean Martin Variety Show.

Note the smoke, monogrammed velvet slippers and valet

.Did this guy know how to travel or what…

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