Sunday, July 22, 2012

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Buttercup A Golden Hair"

  Hey pallies... have I gots a cool cool tune & vid for us this week! Never ever heard this one...but gotta admits pals...I'm completely SOLD OUT on it! "Buttercup A Golden Hair" is a catchy & ...dare I say CUTE... little number with a clip from the "almost made" movie, "Something's Gotta Give". It was to star our bestest pal & his FAVORITE female co-star, the one & only Ms. Marilyn Monroe! And I heard that SHE was his FAV straight from the mouth of Ricci Martin, Dean's boypallie himself!
Man, what chemistry they had! Youse gotta wonder pallies...was there ever a "thing" between Dino & Marilyn? I mean really pals? They just have that certain "way" with each other! That certain "look" with each other! Don't know bout' youse...but I'm goin' with a DEFINATELY on that one! I guess we'll neva' know for sure pals, but I bet their hangin' right this very moment...whereva' they are;) Enjoy pallies! 

Buttercup a golden hair
I'm feeling blue
Buttercup don't you know
I got to follow where you go
Buttercup I need you so
I love you

Buttercup a golden hair
My love is true
Buttercup can't you see
You mean the world to me
Buttercup a golly gee
I love you

Every night I dream and dream and dream and dream about you
Even when I sleep I cannot do without you
Oh tell me Buttercup a golden hair
What shall I do
Buttercup I know I'll die
If you should ever say goodbye
Buttercup oh my oh my do I love you
(Buttercup oh my oh my do I love you)
Buttercup oh my oh my do I love you


Matty said...

Great song and video! I don't know many guys that would've stayed up at that window though. After looking down at that scenery it would have been... SPLISH SPLASH! SPLISH SPLASH! Oh well, that's showbiz!!!

The only thing that I've read about Dino and Marilyn is in Nick's book ( I know...I know...there he goes with that dreaded Tosches book again).
In this tome it is stated that Dino was actually sympathetic to Marilyn. She was a fragile person that got involved too deeply in "the dirty business of dreams".

Danny G. said...

Guess we'll never know for sure pally. Thanks for the feedback!