Saturday, July 07, 2012

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "I'll Buy That Dream"

Hey pallies! How's the summer treatin' youse so far? With the country in a bit of a heat wave...I figured I pick a really HOT, HOT, Sultry type tune to get us Dino-holics swoonin' to Dean's smooth, smooth croonin'!

This week's Serenade is "I'll Buy That Dream", off the 1964 al b um, "Dream with Dean". Now this is the PERFECTO kinda song for a late night float around the pool or maybe even relaxin' in the ol' hammock on a hot & muggy July evenin'...drink in hand of course;)

Now I don't know if all my pals are blessed with a pool or a hammock, but...I thinks we ALL can grab a fav summertime drink... turn this Dino-ditty WAY up...and imagine some nice, balmy thoughts that would bring youse to that HOT, HOT place whiles youse try to keep so so cool. We better put some of those thoughts on ice for wintertime pals! Here's to makin' the summer long & hot! Enjoy!

Imagine me with my head on your shoulder
And you with your lips gettin' bolder
A sky full of moon and a sweet mellow tune
I'll buy that dream

Imagine you in a gown white and flowery
And me thanking dad for my dowry
A church full of folks in those last minute jokes
I'll buy that dream

A honeymoon in Cairo with a brand new autogyro
Then on my rocket in a wink
We'll settle down near Dallas in a little old crazy palace
It's not as crazy as you think

Imagine me on our first anniversary
With some one like you in the nursery
It doesn't sound bad and if it can be had
I'll buy that dream

A honeymoon in Cairo...
Imagine me on our first anniversary...


Always On Watch said...

Great song for getting through this miserable heat wave in the East.

Danny G. said...

I hear ya' Miss AOW! Massachusetts is meltin'!!! And I'm lovin' every sun dried minute of it!