Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Celebratin' Independence Day While Declarin' Dino-dependence

Hey pallies, likes since I ain't gonna be able to get on the 'net tomorrow, likes am gonna post our Independance Day Dino-devotion a wee bit early dudes. So Happy Independence Day to all our pallies in the ol' United States of America! It's sorta become a Dino-tradition to post a fav Dino-vid of mine on this holiday occassion 'cause it is so so appropo for celebration liberty.

From the classic drama flick "Ada," here is our Dino playin' Bo Gillis, politician extraordinare, runnin' for governor and wooin' and cooin' the masses with his charismatic cool singin' "May The Lord Bless You Real Good." Likes I ain't been able to view "Ada" yet 'cause it has yet to be released on DVD, but likes I oh so so yearn to see our beloved Dino in what musta be one of his most classic screen roles.

The notion of any state or for that matter nation bein' dependant on our Dino for runnin' the action....likes how amazin'ly wonderfully cool likes woulda that be pallies?!?!?!?....'cause while we live in a nation founded on independence, Dino-holics everywhere so so gladly proclaim our likes total total Dino-dependence!

Enjoys celebratin' with parades,sparkles, some liquid libations and, likes of course, huge huge quanities of our Dino! Dino-dependently, DMP

May The Lord Bless You Real Good Bo Gillis


Always On Watch said...

Ada is a wonderful film.

It's been ages since I've seen it. What a pity that cable TV doesn't run it very often now. **sigh**

Happy Independence Day, DMP.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, cool to know that you have at least seen "Ada," likes I am so so yearnin' to see this Dino-drama! Keeps lovin' our Dino!