Monday, May 14, 2012

Everybody thought Dean Martin drank so much, but he only had one drink that entire evening.

Hey pallies, likes I totally totally loves readin' story of everyday ordinary pallies who got the thrillin' opportunity to me in the immediate presence of our Dino while he walked earth. Today we hear 'nother tale of those among the most blessed to hang out with our most beloved Dino. From the newspaper blog, "News And Tribune," of Jefferson, Indiana come reporter Miss Amanda Beam's retellin' of the night that Miss Ida Callahan spent mixin' it up with our Dino.

Seems that our great man, and his pallies Mr. Frank Sinatra and Miss Shirley MacClaine were in the area on location filmin' that Dino-epic, Some Came Running."
On night the trio visited a restaurant in New Albany to gets themselves some eats.
Well the owner of said eatery called Miss Ida with the huge news, and Miss Callahan made her way to the pad, and believe it or not pallies ended up playin' the piano for our Dino and his pallies "as they sang the night away."

It simply takes my breath away to hear Miss Ida recountin' her Dino-encounter, and likes how wonderful to have her share this experience with the wider Dino-world! And, as you will read, how much Callahan was impressed by bein' with our great man.
Below is an excerpt from the entire prose as scribed by Miss Beam. To read the entire article, as usual, simply clicks on the tag of this Dino-gram.

Thanks Miss Ida for lettin' us all in on your time on your Dino-adventure, and to Miss Amanda Beam for gettin' it into print. Dino-awed, DMP


But there’s more to Callahan’s life story than politics. A gifted piano, organ, keyboard and accordion player, she’s musically accompanied stars like Patrick Swayze and Wayne Newton. She worked with both men at a local horse show. She’s introduced Tommy Tune at a Kentucky Derby event. And during the New York World’s Fair, she danced with Guy Lombardo and played his famous accordion. Callahan holds four copyrights to her own original songs.

And, she once even reveled with several members of the Rat Pack.

While filming a movie called “Some Came Running” in Madison, movie icons Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Shirley MacClaine visited New Albany for a bite to eat. Callahan’s friend, the owner of the restaurant, phoned her about the trio. Callahan not only met all three, but played the piano for them as they sang the night away.

“After everybody left, we were still around and we sang all night. Everybody thought Dean Martin drank so much, but he only had one drink that entire evening. But Sinatra, he was the one who did the drinking,” Callahan said.

“It was just an evening of fun. It turned out to be all night long. One song led to another, led to another, and to another.”

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