Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Dino-amorin' "Murders Row" style

Hey pallies, likes on this first day of Dino-amore-month likes I thought I starts out with one of the most, if not the most Dino-amorin' pixs ever....our swingin' Dino makin' it in the round bed with Miss January in my fav of fav Helmer caper....numero duo..."Murders Row." Loves watchin' our beloved Dino playin' hard to get with Miss J who has crawled under the covers to gets warm "'cause January is such a cold month." Eventually Dino thanks Miss J for bringin' him to his senses...and the amorin' commences until...well all lovers of our Dino likes knows what comes next...

Went searchin' for the Dino-clip that woulda shows this amorin' of amorin' Dino-scene, but likes has to settle for a brief moment from a trailer of "Murders Row."
It you goes to likes 2:18 you will catch our swingin' Dino lovin' on the calendar girl.

Remember likes to keeps those cards and letters and Dino-ideas comin' in for Dino-amore-month here at ilovedinomartin. Wants to say thanks to our pallie Danny G. who is preparin' an amazin' Dino-amore special edition of the Dino-serenade for February 13 and 'nother special Dino-amore-edition of "At The Home Of Danny G." in honor of Dino-amore month as well... Dino-lovin', DMP

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