Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Hey pallies! Just got back from the Sunshine state. Great to be home! Travelin' with a wife, two kids, one dog, one niece and a crazy sister-in-law would probably tempt the average guy to bail out the exit door... even at 5,000 feet!!!

However, I had one more very special, very very cool companion...Dino. Wouldn't leave home with out my trusty Ipod! Dean Martin and vodka definitely got me through that flight! Anyway pals, had a great time. Even have a couple quick Dino-related stories to share with my good friends at ilovedinomartin.

We were invited, very generously, to stay with my in-laws during our visit. I arrived the first day to a quiet, calm beach house. Very mellow and serene. This wasn't workin' for me. To my glorious surprise, the house came equipped with a cd player. I noticed a few of my home made Dino discs that I put together for my wifey's folks for there winter drive down to FLA.. Obviously I popped one in immediately.

Then I noticed it... A BUILT-IN IPOD DOCKING STATION!!! I just hit pay-dirt! Threw on my "pod" and the rest is Dino-history! That house was swoonin' & croonin' for the rest of the week! My in-laws loved it! We were grillin' in the sun...Dean Martin fillin' the air waves...and not a care in the world. Just doesn't get much better than that pallies!

I have to share one fast follow-up to this. The next day we ended up in a little community called "Old Town". Very cool place. All old styled restaurants with 50's music playing. Old shops with memorabilia from "the good ol' days". After a little searchin', I was lucky enough to find a copy of an autographed pic of our great man. Only $6.95!!! How could I refuse that?! Anyway, I brought it home and placed it on the mirror in our room.

Then I had a callin'! I got the pic off the mirror and balanced it on the Ipod player! Let me pause here for a minute pals to explain...I'M A DINO-HOLIC!!! Now back to the story already in progress...This got a big laugh and became the center of attention...for a week anyway. The closest thing this Dino-nut has ever had to a Dean Martin concert right in his own living room!!! Ha ha ha!!!

I have one more Dino-experience that I will share next time pals. Till then...keep the vino and the Dino flowin'!!!

Danny G.


Always On Watch said...

I wish that I had one of these technology wonders!

On this my birthday, I surely could use my own custom-made Dino CD. As I don't have such a CD, I'll have to settle for the CD's I have and play Dino all day long.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, well HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS AOW! May all your days be Dino days..and keeps lovin' our Dino...all the best to you and Mr. AOW from the pallies at ilovedinomartin...

Always On Watch said...

Dino CD's all day long in the car today -- my birthday present to myself.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, well Miss AOW, sounds likes totally totally Dino-perfect...likes how better to pamper yourself on your day then to consume huge quanities of our beloved Dino! Keeps lovin' our Dino...