Wednesday, February 02, 2011

"Who wouldn't want to party with Dean Martin?"

Hey pallies, welcome to day duo of Dino-amore-month here at ilovedinomartin. As all you Dino-holics knows likes Dino-love takes likes so so many and varied delightful Dino-forms.

Today's Dino-amore comes in the form of likes some way cool Dino-satire from the parody pad, "The Spoof." A dude tagged "mikewadestr" creatively writes of the return of our ever beloved Dino to the New York bar scene. Oh, likes if only this Dino-prose was fact 'stead of fiction what Dino-delight woulda fills us all.

ilovedinomartin likes sez our thanks to Mr. Mike for usin' such Dino-creativity to spread the Dino-message in such a Dino-lovin' way. To the uninformed this simply might be seen as a bit of creative writin'...but to those of us who know, love, and desire to honor our Dino, we likes knows that certainly our great man will use this to help other pallies to deepenin' their amore of our King of Cool. To view this in it's original format, likes just clicks on the tagg of this Dino-gram.

And, ilovedinomartin also wants to shares some Dino-appreciato with our Dino-addicted pallie Danny-o who so kindly put me on to this outstandin' piece of Dino-literature. It's pallies likes our Danny G. who are helpin' to bring the world to our Dino! Dino-amorin' for Dino-sure, DMP

What the Devil? Dean Martin Storms New York City! At Least the Bars Anyway

Written by mikewadestr

Topics: Dean Martin

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Right out of hell, Dean Martin appeared on the New York City bar scene last night and brought with him the art of partying which has appeared to have been lost over the last 20 years or so.

Dean Martin was first discovered when a New York City police officer pulled over an older model Mercedes Benz that had black smoke billowing out of its exhaust pipe. The officer suspected the driver of being intoxicated. He had the driver step out of the car for a sobriety check and was absolutely shocked that it was Dean Martin.

The police officer was positive it was Dean Martin, because Martin showed him a 'get out of hell card', which, is also, known as a 'hell pass'.

The swaying Dean Martin told the stunned police officer: "It looks like I've been burning a bit of oil and am kind of low".

He then slapped his hand on his chest and said: "We've got to get this baby lubed up again!"

Right away, the cop knew exactly what Martin was referring to and proceeded to take him to the nearest bar.

The cop quickly radioed in his discovery and before you know it, Dean Martin, as he had done in the past, was drawing a huge crowd.

At the first bar he asked the bartender for some whiskey. The bartender poured a shot of Jack Daniels into a shot glass and as he was slowly pushing it towards Martin, Martin pushed the shot back and took the bottle saying: "Oh no, you take care of the little stuff and leave the big stuff to me".

When an excited reporter asked Martin how long he would be in New York City, he responded: "Until the devil finds out I'm gone. I guess you can kind of say that I "borrowed" this 'hell pass'. But don't worry, the devil is going to be passed out for a bit and when he does finally wake up…. Well let's just say I'm going to be here for a while".

"Never challenge Dean Martin to a shot contest".

When asked if everyone would get to see the 'Rat Pack' re-united Martin replied: "I don't think so. You see, Frankie is now the head foreman of the pitchfork team and Sammy is hell's chief heating engineer. Frankie likes the fact that he can poke anyone whenever he wants and Sammy just likes to turn up the heat".

When the police officer who pulled over Martin was asked why he was not arrested, the officer replied: "Who are you kidding? Who wouldn't want to party with Dean Martin?"


Always On Watch said...

Party with Dean Martin? Yes, indeed. **smile**

Always On Watch said...

PS: The tags on the vehicle should have read "Drunky." I think that our Dino had such plates on one of his cars.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, indeed Miss AOW...anytime, anywhere I woulda loves to party with our beloved Dino...'cause Dino is where it is at! Keeps lovin' our Dino...

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes I knows Miss AOW that the taggs read "DRUNKY"....hopes no one else ever gained the rights to that vanity plate...'cause it is only worthy of our Dino...keeps lovin' our Dino...