Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Here, Dino and Frank show how it’s done......

Hey pallies, likes today's Dino-love comes from our pallies over at "" (clicks on title of this Dino-post to goes there). Mr. Michael Johnson shares a pix of our beloved Dino and his pallie Frankie, as Johnson sez it..."Just two cool cats heading out for some fun." Likes I don't ever remember seein' this cool Dino-pose loves how our Dino wears his hat and that Dino-buddha-grin on his face!

So nice of the "" Frank Sinatra pad to likes gives us the opportunity to partake of this pix of these two pallies together. And, ilovedinomartin also likes to say our thanks to blue-eyes for kindly sharin' a link that sends pallies over to this here little ol' Dino-blog for all the Dino-action of pure Dino-devotion here. Dino-devotedly, DMP

Two Cool Cats
by Michael Johnston on August 27, 2010

Today is Friday which, for many ladies and gentlemen, means it’s time to put on your best and head out for the evening. Here, Dino and Frank show how it’s done, or at least how it used to be done: nattily dressed with not a care in the world. Just two cool cats heading out for some fun.

And don’t forget your umbrella.


Marcos Callau said...

Great picture, very cool. I would like to get that Franky's hat.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, Mr. Marcos, so cool to hear from you pallie...likes I woulda loves to have our Dino's hat for my very own...hopes to hear from you likes real soon man!

Always On Watch said...

Very cool -- both the photo and the gents.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, exactly Miss AOW, but of course our Dino is the COOLEST!