Sunday, July 01, 2012

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Hey Brother Pour the Wine"

Welcome back ol' pals o' mine! What can I say bout' this week's Serenade, "Hey Brother Pour the Wine"? Well...I's a tale of love. What else could it be? Loves anticipation...loves welcoming...and finally...loves departure. It's bout' the joys of life. It's bout' the sorrows of life.

Though short lived... sometimes...we all stumble down that bumpy road of love. O man pals...I'm gettin' WAY too crazy now! Too much vino I guess;) Gotta admit though pallies, I am COMPLETELY sold out bout' the way Dean puts his "boozy" accent on the whole damn concept of the song! He's so so PROUD of his new found love! Tellin' his boozin' brother of the love that is soon to be! She's comin' to see him! He's been waitin' O' so very long for this wonderful day pals!!! The way she walks...the way this nutty broad talks!!! It's what Spring is ALL about pallies! WOW!!!

She must be some UNBELIEVABLE senora to get Dean so so worked up!!! But wait!!! Blink your eyes & she's GONE!!! Man o man can be a very fickle friend sometimes. Here today...gone tomorrow. Oh well, Dean knows the rules. He knows what they say bout' it being better to have loved & lost & ALL that blah blah blah. Oh well. Oh well. Oh well. Lets remember pallies...Love comes. Love goes. But our Dean will stay with us FOREVER! Ariverderci pallies!

Here we sit enjoying the shade
Drink the drink that I have made
Tell you why the day is sunny
I'm in love with lips of honey
Wait 'til you see the way she walks
Hey brother pour the wine

She is coming here to stay
I have waited for the day
She writes of love in every letter
Others have tried but I will get her
Wait 'til you see the way she walks
Hey brother pour the wine

What is life
What is spring
What are all the stars that shine
Love my friend is everything
And love will soon be mine

Pour it quickly as you can
Pour it quickly once again
She's here at last my one and only
Goodbye friends and don't be lonely
Wait 'til you see the way she walks
Hey brother pour the wine

Blink your eyes and love has passed
Hers was never made to last
She introduced me to another
No my friends, he's not her brother
I will miss the way she walks
Hey brother pour the wine
Hey brother pour the wine


Always On Watch said...

I just love this song! I can listen to it over and over again.

Danny G. said...

I'm with ya' Miss AOW!

Kylie said...

This is one of the first songs I ever heard Dean sing, I played it over and over :)