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Photos: On this day – July 25, 1946 – The Dean Martin /Jerry Lewis comedy team is born

Hey pallies, likes man-o-man pallies lets the Dino and Jerry homagin' continue! Likes from the 'net pad of the "New Haven Register" comes this likes totally totally AMAZIN' PHOTO ESSAY of our most beloved Dino and partner Jerry on the occasion of rememberin' and honorin' that historic day, July 25, 1946 that the amazin' duo shared the stage for the very first time at Club 500 in Alantic City.

The pallies at the Register have assembled 24---count-'em---24 fabulous snapshots of Martin and Lewis over the course of their decade of comedy reign as well as beyond. And what is likes so so cool pallies, is that these folks have not only shared this motherload of awesome poses, but likes they have shared detailed info 'bout each pix as how amazin' is that!

ilovedinomartin can not express 'nough our deepest of deep Dino-appreciato to the pallies at the "New Haven Register" for doin' such a massive 'mount of deep, pure, and true Dino-devotion in honorin' this day of days in the life and times of our King of Cool. As usual, to view this in it's original format, please clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram. Keeps lovin' our most beloved Dino! Dino-awestruck, DMP
btw pallies, likes I found at least one error in one of the pix descriptions..sees if you can locate it!

Photos: On this day – July 25, 1946 – The Dean Martin /Jerry Lewis comedy team is born

Posted Jul 25, 2012

On this day – July 25,1946 – At Club 500 in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis stage their first show as a comedy team.

Some Hollywood press agent must have wracked his brains to come up with this version of an old Chinese proverb for a publicity stunt. The actors from left to right are Jerry Lewis, Pierre, and Dean Martin shown July 13, 1950. (AP Photo/Paramount)

American entertainers Dean Martin, left, and Jerry Lewis pretend to be overwhelmed by the crowd in London, England, June 9, 1953. The comedy duo will appear at the Glasgow Empire and at the London Palladium. (AP Photo)

Entertainers Dean Martin, left, and Jerry Lewis appear together on Lewis's annual telethon for the Muscular Dystrophy Association in Las Vegas, Nev., Sept. 7, 1976. Martin's surprise appearance reunites the comedy duo after 20 years. (AP Photo)

A group of pretty dancers relax after a tryout for a part in the club act of Dean Martin, second from right, and Jerry Lewis, right, Jan. 1954, New York. Dancers wear out their nylons even more quickly than secretaries or debutantes, say the girls. They are, from left to right: Cynthia Dalle, Eileen Lawrence, Barbara Nichols, Joan Durelle and Wendy Waldron (who got the job). (AP Photo)

On a visit to Slapsy Maxie's Hollywood night club, actress Ann Sothern chats with two of the club's performers, Dean Martin, left, singer and comedian, and Jerry Lewis, comedian, Aug. 14, 1948. (AP Photo/Ed Widdis)

Jerry Lewis (left) whips through his portion of the famous Lewis-Martin comic routine, while Margaret Whiting and Dean Martin look on at the Hollywood Brown Derby on Jan. 21, 1949 in Los Angeles. Martin and Lewis soon will make their film debut in "My Friend Irma." (AP Photo)

This bit of action shows how Gorgeous Pierre, wrestling chimp and movie actor, won a match from jolting Jerry Lewis, on Feb. 20, 1950 in Hollywood, Calif. The blond wig which Lewis is wearing started out on Pierre's head. Dean Martin, Lewis's acting partner, is the referee. "Second" in corner unidentified. Gorgeous Pierre, whose real name is Tamba, and Lewis became friends while working together in the film, "My Friend Irma Goes West", in which Martin also appears. (AP Photo/Paramount)

Actor-comedian Dean Martin, left, and his wife, Jeanne, are shown with actor-comedian Jerry Lewis, far right, and his wife, singer Patti, as they arrive at the Academy Awards presentations at the RKO Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles, Ca., March 29, 1951. (AP Photo)

Jerry Lewis, zany half of the comedy team of Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis, kisses his wife, Patti, for the benefit of photographers at the Hollywood premiere of "Father's Little Dividend" on April 5, 1951 in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/ Harold Matosian)

Jerry Lewis talks with producer Ernie Glucksman, right, at rehearsal for NBC TV 's "The Dean Martin - Jerry Lewis Show" on May 15, 1951in New York. (AP Photo)

Movie comedians Dean Martin, left, and Jerry Lewis, assisted by actress Elaine Stewart, are collecting prints footprints in Hollywood, Sept. 24, 1951. As part of the clothing drive for American Relief for Korea, they are planning to immortalize 10 movie fans' footprints in cement outside the Gar-Ron noncommercial theater, built by Lewis to show 16-millimeter movies he produces. The footprints to be imbedded in the cement, before the theater's premier on October 1, will be chosen from among pairs sent to Jerry Lewis in Hollywood for the relief drive. (AP Photo)

In case you're not familiar with zombies (reanimated corpses, it says here,) that's one in the center. He's supposed to scare people, but Jerry Lewis, who was scared to the point of almost losing his life, has twisted his twistable face into a zombie-scaring shape. So the creep creeps against Dean Martin for protection. It's all part of a movie, "Scared Still," being made on March 26, 1953 in Hollywood, Calif. Zombi is unidentified. (AP Photo)

Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis ride down Main Street of Las Vegas, Nev. on April 5, 1953, enroute to theatre for premiere of latest film. Parts of the picture were made in the gambling-resort city and a parade and celebration held for the showing of the picture, the first premiere ever held in Las Vegas. (AP Photo)Frank Filan)

Comedians Jerry Lewis, center, and Dean Martin, right, illustrate the U.S. Air Force's latest swept-wing jet fighter to Sgt. Johnny Edenfield, of New York, at Orly Field in Paris, France, July 7, 1953. The comedy duo is on the first leg of a five-day tour of France bases in Allied Air Forces Central Europe. (AP Photo)

Comedy duo Dean Martin, left, and Jerry Lewis rehearse at the Nola Studios in New York City for their opening at the Copacabana, Jan. 20, 1954. (AP Photo/Dan Grossi)

Dean Martin, left, and Jerry Lewis pose for the "Colgate Comedy Hour" Aug. 27, 1954. (AP Photo)

Dean Martin, Debbie Reynolds and Jerry Lewis, left to right, embrace each other upon acknowledging the news that they were voted the "Most Cooperative Stars of 1954" by the Hollywood Women's Press Club, Dec. 28, 1954. (AP Photo)

Dean Martin, Debbie Reynolds and Jerry Lewis embrace each other upon acknowledging the news on Dec. 28, 1954, that they were voted the ?Most Cooperative Stars of 1954? by the Hollywood, Women?s Press Club. Location unknown. (AP Photo)

Dean Martin, left, and Jerry Lewis meet in September 1955 in Hollywood to make arrangements for the beginning of rehearsals for the "Colgate Variety Hour." (AP Photo)

Comedian-actors Jerry Lewis, left, and Dean Martin are shown wearing their costume for the film "Pardners" as they examine the VistaVision movie camera on location near Phoenix, Ariz., Dec. 1955. (AP Photo)

Dean Martin, left, and Jerry Lewis are wrestling for a gag shot, May 29, 1956. (AP Photo)

The comedy team of Dean Martin, left center, and Jerry Lewis, right center, often rumored to be separating, get together with these foreign beauties during a swimsuit fashion show in a department store, July 9, 1956, New York. From left are: Maria Cordoso, Miss Brazil; Martin; Rosanna Galli, Miss Italy; Lewis; and Iris Waller, Miss England. The girls will compete for Miss Universe in the international beauty contest in Long Beach, Calif., starting on July 12. (AP Photo/John Lindsay)

Frank Sinatra, center, appearing as a performer on the annual Muscular Dystrophy telethon hosted by Jerry Lewis, right, brings on Dean Martin, Lewis old partner, to the surprise of Lewis, Sunday, Sept. 6, 1976, Las Vegas, Nev. It was the first time Martin and Lewis had appeared together since their comedy team broke up 20 years ago. A spokesman said the surprised Lewis was really genuinely touched. (AP Photo)

Looks like a split between Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, long-time movie partners, and all over a woman --actress Denise Darcel-- on the golf course on May 25, 1953 at the Vernon Hills Country Club in Eastchester, N.Y. That's Martin on the winning end of a kiss from Denise, and Lewis on the chawed end of Dean's collar. Denise was caddie for Perry Como, who was paired with Sid Caesar in a charity golf match against Martin and Lewis. The Martin Lewis team came out winner. (AP Photo)


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Hey pallies! The two mistakes that I found were the incorrect "Scared Still" (Scared Stiff) & "The Colgate Variety Hour" (The Colgate Comedy Hour) Am I right?

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A GREAT day in history!

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Hey pallie, likes Miss AOW...indeed one of the GREATEST days in the life and times of our most beloved Dino! Keeps lovin' our Dino!