Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis team-up in this film to produce a wildly hysterical comedy.

Hey pallies, likes today we gets to put the Dino-action on one of thin's our Dino loves the most....golfin'. Likes all us true Dino-holics knows how much our Dino loves him a game of puttin' the little ball in the round hole. Anywho, today's Dino-gram comes from the golfin' blog pad-o "Tee Times," which puts the accent on everythin' golf!

Well the pallies at "Tee Time" have created a bit of good ol' Dino-devotion by featurin' the Martin and Lewis golfin' comedy classic, "The Caddy." One of our most beloved Dino and Jerry's funniest flicks, this here bit of Dino-love shares a copy of one of the original posters and one of the original movie trailers.

In addition, you can read a brief synopsis of "The Caddy" and enjoys a bit of cool dialogue between our amazin' Dino as golf pro Joe Anthony and Miss Donna Reed's character, socialite Kathy Taylor.

Truly very very cool to find a golfin' site like "Tee Times" showin' some Dino-passion for our Dino's greatest passion. Thanks to the TT pallies for creatin' this post which will certainly introduce many many players of the game to our great man.
To view this in it's original format, likes just clicks on the tag of this Dino-prose. Dino-funnin', DMP

Golf Movies #4 (The Caddy – 1953)

Feb 7th

Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis team-up in this film to produce a wildly hysterical comedy. Harvey Miller (Jerry Lewis) may be the son of a great golfer and he may have inherited those skills, but when it comes to playing in front of a gallery, forget it! His stage fright is too much for him to stomach. He loves the game, so he channels his skills and acts as caddy to help-out his girlfriend’s brother, Joe Anthony (Dean Martin). Anthony has to try to convince his father that the game of golf is more complex than just hitting a ball into a hole. The duo makes it to the PGA tour where their skills are acknowledged by an agent who believes in their potential.

“Kathy Taylor (Donna Reed): [At an elegant country club soiree] Good evening.
Joe Anthony (Dean Martin): [Feeling underdressed and out of his element] I better make that ‘good night.’ I’m out of uniform.
Kathy Taylor: You’re positively stunning. So what if you left your dinner jacket at home?
Joe Anthony : I left it in Kansas City, but I can show you the pawn ticket.
Kathy Taylor: I believe you. Shall we dance?
Joe Anthony: Only if I lead.
Kathy Taylor: You can lead.”
Year: 1951
Cast: Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis & Donna Reed (source)


Danny G. said...

Love these films...brings me back to my wee years. Saturday mornins'...sittin' at the kitchen table with my dear ol' Dad...laughin' our heads off! Great great memories! Thanks.

Danny G.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Danny-o thanks dude for that Dino-testimonal of the bondin' your did with your daddy-o while watchin' our Dino and the Jer. Have you been startin' to partake of Martin and Lewis with your wee Dino-holics?
Keeps lovin' our Dino!