Sunday, February 19, 2012

Danny G.'s Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Go, Go, Go, Go"

Go Go Go!!! Don't Stop! Don't Stop! GO GO GO GO GO GO!!! Man O Man Pals...this fun little tune gets me whirlin'!

It is THE mostest perfectist song to lift your spirits in the middle of a cold winter day. But let's not forget, ol' pals o mine...IT'S DINO AMORE MONTH and ANYTHIN' is possible!

Spring is roundin' the corner & love is fillin' the air! The power of Dean squashes all those wintery, hum drum blues! I want all my pals to play this one X-TRA X-TRA loud & let the Dino vibe get you whirlin' too! Believe me won't regeret it & you'll never come back down!

(Go go go go)
Come on and dance with me
(Go go go go)
In to a trance with me
(Go go go go)
And try romance with me
Don't stop, don't stop, go go go go

(Go go go go)
The music's bright tonight
(Go go go go)
And hold me tight tonight
(Go go go go)
I fell so right tonight
Don't stop, don't stop, go go go go

This heart of mine is beating overtime
It's four leaf clover time
(It's love) It's love, it's love, it's love
(Go go go go)
And swing me round the floor
(Go go go go)
And kiss me more and more
(Go go go go)
What are we waiting for
Don't stop, don't stop, go go go go go go
Go go go go


Always On Watch said...

Wow! Here is a Dino tune that I've never heard before!

Danny G. said...

I found this one on a slot machine!!!Crazy that our great man will surprise you where & when you'd least expect it!

Danny G

Kylie said...

I remember the first time I heard this song was on the Bear Family sets my dad bought.
I was crazy about this song :)