Thursday, February 02, 2012

Cowboy Cool: Dean Martin's Country Side

Hey pallies, likes have we gots us some great Dino-news to share with all you pallies on this second day of Dino-amore-month.

From the folks at "Community Voices" of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, in particular Mr. Rich Kienzle, we read that some musical podcast tagged "Believe Your Ears"
(clicks on tag of this Dino-gram to be able to click on the link to that podcast) is showin' some amazin' Dino-love in the form of featurin' some of our Dino's greatest country music recordin's.

Loves the tag of Mr. Kienzle's Dino-report...."Cowboy Cool: Dean Martin's Country Side...." Likes we all knows that our most beloved Dino loved actin' in and watchin' him some westerns, but also our Dino "Tex" Martin is the greatest of the great when it comes to croonin' him some C&W as well!

Rich has put together a stunnin' bit of amore to our Dino...not only puttin' us on to the Dino-cast bein' put up, but sharin' a few great Dino-details of back stories on some of our Dino's country flavored recordin's and some outstandin' vid clips of our lovin' man performin' some of his best country tunes.

Indeed, likes pallies only our Dino is "Cowboy Cool," and we thanks Mr. Rich Kienzle and the pallies at "Community Voices" for givin' us the info on the Dino-cast which by now oughta be up....and for spreadin' some Dino-devotion of their own. Likes day after day, it is likes so so thrillin' to continue to find amore for our Dino comin' in more and more different Dino-directions! Keeps lovin' our Dino pallies..and keeps sharin' that Dino-lovin' with each and every pallie you come 'cross! Dino-indulgin', DMP

Cowboy Cool: Dean Martin's Country Side on Tomorrow's 'Believe Your Ears'

Tuesday, 31 January 2012 15:57 Written by Rich Kienzle

Tomorrow's Believe Your Ears music podcast will look at the best country recordings of Dean Martin. Amid all his other albums, movies, work with Jerry Lewis and interludes with the Rat Pack of Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. he recorded some country tunes from 1950 to 1983. Not all were gems but the best were some of the finest records he ever made. We'll look at them from start to finish.

He recorded quite a few country classics, but one of his best recordings was an obscure song written by the great West Coast singer-producer-songwriter Lee Hazlewood. In 1965 ex-rockabilly singer Sanford Clark, known for his 50's hit "The Fool," recorded Hazlewood's "Houston" for Warner Brothers.

Clark's vocal wasn't that hot. But soon Jimmy Bowen, who produced Dean's records for Reprise, including the 1964 smash "Everybody Loves Somebody," heard the Clark single and decided not only the song, but the arrangement would work for Dean who with Bowen's help, recorded a far superior version that reached # 21 in 1965.

Here's some things from NBC's "Dean Martin Show." The first features him with guest Roger Miller of "King of the Road" fame, singing his song "Numbers."

This is Dino singing the Glen Campbell hit (and John Hartford composition) "Gentle on my Mind."


Always On Watch said...

Sanford Clark's version of "Houston" is terrible. Ick!

Of course, nobody else's version could ever compare to our Dino's version, anyway.

Jimmy Bowen's arrangements were magic -- especially when those arrangements were for our Dino.

The album cover at the top of this post is one of the best of our Dino!

Always On Watch said...

Exquisite harmonies in the video of our Dino with Roger Miller. Wow!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes exactly Miss body sings "Houston" or any other tune for that matter, likes our Dino...and how wonderful it is to have so much great Dino-filmin' from the Dino-show for our Dino-pleasure.. Keeps lovin' our Dino!