Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sunday Serenade with Dino: "I'm Not The Marrying Kind"

Hey pallies, Sunday Serenade with Dino is comin' to you likes on Saturday this week 'cause do to circumstances beyond this Dino-holic's control, likes I will not be 'round a 'puter tomorrow and likes I haven't yet learned how to set up the process so that posts will post automatically....

Anywho, we are so pleased to again welcome our Deanager Levi Hollingsworth from down under as guest Dino-song patterer for this edition of the Dino-serenade. I remembers readin' in Nick Tosches' bestest of the best Dino-bio, "DINO: Living High In The Dirty Business Of Dreams," how our Dino desired so much "to put the accent on youth."

And, likes our Dino was ever so wise to wanna dos this 'cause I believes that he knew that it was goin' to always be the young mods who would be likes puttin' the accent on our Dino.....spreadin' the Dino-message to others of their age. And, indeed it is nouveau hipsters likes our pallie Levi who are doin' such an outstandin' job of makin' Dino known to their generation.

Even at the tender age of just 17, ourAussie dude Levi, growin' in deep Dino-knowledge and abundant Dino-appreciato himself, has been doin' likes his part to spread the Dino-message to his best mate at school tagged Shaun. And thus the Dino-legacy continues to grow as one youthful lover of our Dino passes that Dino-devotion to 'nother.

Levi, deeply grounded in his Dino-devotion through his passion for the Matt Helm capers, has chosen to share one of our Dino's cool tunes featured in Helmer numero duo, Levi's fav and my fav, "Murders Row." So enjoys Deanager Levi's take on the groovy Dino-tune, "I'm Not The Marrying Kind." Thank Levi man for takin' the time to share your outstandin' reflections on our Dino and his amazin' version of "Marrying Kind." Dino-gratefully, DMP

I want to comment on Dinos song Im Not the Marryin Kind
The first time i saw this song or heard it was in Murders Row
Matt Helm had gone to the apartment of a girl spy and on the way he met Ann Margret at the pool who asks him for a light.
Matt goes inside and wants a drink just like Dino would.
Dino starts singing Not the Marryin Kind while Matt Helm moves about the apartment
Its a very cool song for Matt Helm because he never got married and the song was right for him.
Why would Matt get married when there are lots of girls with him in the movie
Its a strange song for Dino tho because he got married 3 times.
Anyhow Matt Helm goes to the fridge and finds the girls body inside it
Then the song stops sudden and Matt Helm leaves and sees Ann Margret again.
Karl Malden is looking at Ann Margret through a telescope and his eyes are poppin out of his head and the the woman looks at Matt Helm
Its one of my fav songs i play a lot and i think its the right song for a Matt Helm movie
Thanx from Levi


Levi said...

Hi Dino Dude,
this is so cool and i like what you wrote :) gonna write to Shaun and tell him
Ky is busy cooking, i will tell her bout it later
So long Dude
Bye from Levi

K R said...

This is great Levi :)
I`ve always loved this song, it would have been nice if there had been a soundtrack album from Murderers Row too
Great intro too :)

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, Deanager Levi, glads you dig my Dino-intro for you're the Dino-best and likes thanks so much for sharin' your Dino-devotion with the wider Dino-world....keeps lovin' our Dino....

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, Ky thanks so much for givin' our Dino-lovin' pallie Levi much have certainly dones likes your part to help Deanger Levi comes to know, love, and honor our Dino...and thanks so much for the kind words 'bout the intro....keeps lovin' our Dino....