Friday, September 24, 2010

Friends go so far as to call him “the Dean Martin of politics,”

Hey pallies, likes you probably have guess it dudes, if you likes are frequent readers of ilovedinomartin. Today's Dino-gram comin' your way is 'nother post on the link between Ohio Representative John Boehner and our beloved Dino. Only a few ago I listed the many
similarities between Boehner and our King of Cool, so I won't bother to enumarates them 'gain.

So, why does ilvoedinomartin share likes 'nother post on Boehner and his dreams of becomin' the Speaker of the House? Well, hugely 'cause today's information comes from the on-line presence of Newsweek magazine...that's right pallies our Dino is gettin' his glorious name mentioned in one of the most widely read and influential new magazines in the how cool is that!!!!

Likes as you know pallies, this here ilovedinomartin Dino-blog tries it's best, likes our Dino, to remain by no means consider this patter an endorsement for politician John Boehner....buts likes I can't contain my likes total total Dino-delight in the fact that between now and the November elections when the name of John Boehner is mentioned our Dino's name will most likely be spoken as well.

And, likes pallies, the more times the name of our Dino is lifted up, the more and more pallies will come to learn of our great man and come to likes learn the Dino-story and embrace the Dino-message. Loves it pallies, loves is likes so so amazin' the many and varied ways that Dino-devotion grows from so many and varied ways that pallies get introduced to our beloved Dino.

So, thanks to John Boehner for bein' a dude who seems to be likes totally into Dino-emulation...and to the folks at Newsweek for liftin' up the name of our Dino in this way. To view this post in it's full, original format, likes just clicks on the tag of this Dino-gram to goes to the Newsweek on-line pad. Dino-embracin', DMP

The Necessary Man

Ignore the fake tan. John Boehner could actually be a good speaker of the House.

Jonathan Ernst / Getty Images

John Boehner stands near a portrait of Ronald Regan at the headquarters of the National Republican Committee.

John Boehner, the 10-term Republican congressman from Ohio and current House minority leader, seems like a pleasant enough fellow. He enjoys a good round of golf. His voice is smooth and sonorous. His resplendent ocher tan never fades, even in winter. Friends go so far as to call him “the Dean Martin of politics,” a nickname that suggests (correctly) a penchant for boozy bonhomie. And yet now that the GOP’s glowing midterm prospects have positioned Boehner (pronounced BAY-nur) to become the most powerful Republican in Obama’s America—that is, speaker of the House—no one in Washington appears to be particularly happy about it.


Bob said...

Inquiry... At a garage sale (10-15 years ago?) I bought a white leather golf bag with several Italian flags embroidered on it as well as "Italian Open 1957" and "Dino". I've since given it to my brother-in law who is an avid golfer. I've spent several hours on the net on several different occasions and have been unable to confirm if Dean Martin even playrd in the tourament. Any thoughts about how I can confirm?
Bob Carson

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, Mr. Bob, first of all the name Dino is quite popular in families even if our Dino did play in that will still not directly connect him with the golf far as searchin'...all I can say is keep googlin'...thanks for stoppin' by the ol' ilovedinomartin Dino-blog....