Sunday, October 02, 2022

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Blue Moon"

 Welcome back, pallies & welcome to October! 

AaaOooooooo!!! That's me doin' my bestest werewolf howl, Haha!! 

Man o man... I gots to admit...I'm REALLY a nut for this whole spooky season! 

Love the decorations, the scary movies, the ghosts & name it! If it's Halloweeny...I'm diggin' it! 

Now, I was havin' a bit of a problem comin' up with the perfecto tune for the first week of this Cooly Creepy month's Sunday Serenade, pals. I wanted to incorporate the spooky, cooky, eerie & scary feel with our numero uno swoonin' crooner! WOW...that was a mouth full! Haha!!  

Anyways, pals...I musta summoned the ghost of Dean himself...cuz all of a sudden... it hit me! "Blue Moon"! 

I just looked out my window last night & there it was! Not quite full, but Man! What a gloriously devlishly Dino-fied vision! 

Half covered by clouds & glowin' like a giant lightbulb. Now, I don't know 'bout youse...But I can't thinks of ANYTHIN' that gives me more of a thrill... & a FUN FUN chill... than a BIG...BRIGHT...moon on a COOL COOL October night! Haha!! 

I LOVES it, pallies!  

OK, my friends...lets get into this creepy & cool season! Time to have some SCARY fun times with our ghostly pal, Dino! 

Beware the moon... you Dino-holics! Hahaha!!! 


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