Monday, April 23, 2018


Hey pallies, likes 'bout year -go at this time we shared the Dino-prose below lavishin' laudin' the bestest of best video bio of our most beloved Dino from the pallies at E! TRUE STORY HOLLYWOOD....'long with a youtube vid of said Dino-extravaganza.  Unfortunately not long after that particular postin', the vid was removed from youtube to our supreme sadness.  Well recently, while searchin' a plethora of Dino-vids at youtube, we found once 'gain that a pallie had put it back up and so we have decided to repost the praiseworthy patter 'long with the vid presentation.

So, likes one more Dino-time, here are our Dino-reflections 'long with the amazin' adulation of our one and only Dino by the pallies at E! TRUE STORY!

Hey pallies, likes digs this dudes!

"He was a drop dead dream boat, with a don't give a damn smile and a voice that could melt ice.  He oozed sex and sin and he was the coolest cat in showbiz." It is with these wonderful words, the E! TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY  begins their two hour deepest of deep video documentary of our most most beloved Dino.  Likes we bountifully believes that this is a very very vibrant  video powerfully, potently presentin' the life, times and teachin' of our most most beloved Dino.

Likes youse quires the reason why pallies?.....Likes the E! True folks gathered massive massive 'mounts  of pallies who knew our Dino when he walked the earth and they share  marvelous marvelous memories of their Dino-connections...likes totally totally just Dino-fabulous!

 Likes, likes we stand in awe, yes, in awe pallies of the time, talent, and treasure that was so lavishly lovin'ly poured into the cool creation of this 1999 production, and we sez with complete confidence that this potent programme is not only first rate in viewin' for those young in Dino, but also of incredible importance for those who have been diggin' our Dino for decades and never ever tire of growin' deeper and deeper in our Dino!

Permit us to share just one of the tons of magical moments offered durin' this over 90 minute presentation to gives you just a clue as to how wisely wonderful this Dino-bio truly truly is.

Early in the presentation, likes startin' at 'bout 3:25, we hear from our Dino's grandboy pallie Alexander.   We deeply deeply digs the way that Alexander speaks of his granddaddy-o...'bout his "all encompassing" hands, 'bout his "gorgous" watch, 'bout his "Dunhill lighter."

Gotta 'fess up pallies likes we never knew the brand of lighter that our Dino had 'til we viewed this vid, but certainly it don't surprise us  that our Dino has the primo lighter of lighters to light his ever-present Kent cigarette.  Likes we loves to learn each and every new Dino-detail that we cans....

Alexander  reverently remarks, "I remember hands, my grandfather's hands, which were these all encompassing---I remember that he had this watch that was this tiny, I don't know what it was, but it was this gold chain and it was gorgous, and his lighter, his Dunhill lighter..And, when he would light a cigarette, the lighter would disappear in his hands. I had no idea who he was. I had no idea what he meant to people."

We have searched the ol' web to try to locate this particular programme to no avail.  Likes if any of youse pallies have a clue 'bout how to gets yours hands on it, please patter us promptly.   We coulda watch this deeply delightful Dino-bio over and over and we are incredibly  indebted to the pallies at E! TRUE HOLLYWOD STORY for bringin' the Dino-story to the masses.

We Remain,

Yours in Dino,

Dino Martin Peters



Danny G. said...

Awesome! This will be my Saturday afternoon viewin’! Thanks for repostin’, pallie!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Danny-o, this is definitely a Dino-biography that we completely craves to own, but have not yet found any source for purchase...a must view at least on an annual basis for those truly devoted to our Dino! Keeps lovin' 'n sharin' our one, our only DINO!