Sunday, December 06, 2015

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Canadian Sunset"

Hey pals...Happy Dino-Winter Month 2015!

These next few weeks REALLY get me in that "Dino" kinda mood!
That cool cool vibe is all 'round us!
The snow may not yet be snowin'... BUT...the COOLNESS is DEF I NATE LY Dino-flowin'!

Now pallies...we ALL knows...that nothin'...& I mean NOTHIN' ...goes better with this marshmellowy season, than some swoonin' & croonin' from our swingin' pal, Dean.
Add a yummy glass of brandy to that mix, & BAM... youse got a SWINGIN' kinda time!!! Hahaha!!!

 I'm thinkin' that "Canadian Sunset" is the PERFECTO December tune to get that PERFECTO December vibe vibratin'!
It's a magical month, mi amici!
 Needs a magical jam!

Just LOVE how Dean can sing bout' this time of year & make us feel all warm & cozy...& not make it limited to ONLY a Christmas season.
 I wanna keep playin' these tunes ALL winter long!
What's a Dino-holic supposed to do AFTER the holidays come & go??!!
I feel a little "off" rockin' round' the Christmas tree in the middle of February!!! Hahaha!!!

Well, lucky for us, o pals o' mine, Dean kept us in mind while layin' down these wintery little tracks!

So go grab that brandy & settle in for a long & EVENTUALLY snowy, cool cool season!

 Enjoy pallies!

Once I was alone
So lonely and then
You came out of nowhere
Like the sun up from the hill

Cold cold as the wind
Warm warm were your lips
Out there on the ski trail
Where your kiss filled me with thrill

Weekend in Canada a change of scenery
Was the most I bargained for
And then I discovered you and in your eyes
I've found a love that I couldn't ignore

Down down came the sun
Fast fast beat my heart
I knew as the sun set from that day
We'd never part

Down down down down came the sun
Fast fast fast fast beat my heart
I knew as the sun set from that day
We'd never part
Down down down down came-a the sun
Fast fast fast fast beat-a my heart
I knew as the sun set from that day
We'd never part
We'd never part
We'd never part


Always On Watch said...

Smooth as sippin' whiskey!

DeansPalley said...

Ahhhh the great man croonin' about my country. Gotta love it.

Now on to the serious Christmas stuff. I'm sending Santa a request for one of these!!

BlueisCoool said...

Another new week has come and winter is fast approaching here in New England. What a great choice for this weeks Dino song installment, a wonderful sounding tune and one that says old man winter too. Thank you my friend for you endless hard work for starting us all out on the rite foot!

Have a great week.


Danny G. said...

Glad mi amici are diggin' the first week of Dino-Winter Month's Serenade! GREAT GREAT tune! Man o man, Deanspalley...that DEF I NATE LY sounds like a fun night! Wish this fella came to Massachusetts!