Tuesday, December 08, 2015

All He Wants Is Dino...and Perhaps The Pack

Hey pallies, likes he tags himself "DeansPalley" and his powerful patter often graces the comment section here at our humble little Dino-pad.  In a recent comment on our own Danny G.'s Sunday Serenade With Dino, he told us all one of the terriffic treasures that is on his Dino-wish-list...with a link to the pad where it can be ordered.  So, on this eighth day of Dino-winter-month we shares with you the desirin' of his Dino-heart for a Dino-gift extraordiare!

What is "DeansPalley"  a wishin' and a hopin' for when he sez to us "Now on to the serious Christmas stuff. I'm sending Santa a request for one of these!!"?  None other then a hand crafted Dino-sculptor crafted by Mr. Ted Viti...or as you will see below even a multi-sculpture of our Dino and his pallie Mr. Sinatra and Mr. Davis Jr.  As you will read below Mr. Viti, in addition to bein' a Sinatra emulator, " is also a professional Sculptor/Graphic Designer."  Below are pixs of by his sculptures of the Rat Pack trio as well as a single sculpture of our most beloved Dino.

In describin' his Dino-design Ted coolly sez..."The King of Cool Dean Martin stands 13 and a half inches tall with a drink and a cigarette."  Likes, of course, our Dino needs his ever present Kent Cigarette and glass of J&B....is touchin' trademarks.  We likes thanks our pallie "DeansPalley" for pointin' us in the direction of Mr. Ted Viti's pad and we wishin' our pallie the best in gettin' the desires of his Dino-heart for Dino-winter-day rememberin'.  To checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram.  Dino-treasurin', DMP

In addition to being an entertainer Ted Viti is also a professional Sculptor/Graphic Designer.

This is a unique and very detailed statue of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr. loosely based on the “Esco” style statues of the 70’s.

“The Rat Pack Statue” $1,250.00

This statue is made with a durable & strong light weight resin, custom hand painted by Ted Viti himself. Frank Sinatra stands 13 inches tall, and has his trade mark pinky ring, and golden microphone. The King of Cool Dean Martin stands 13 and a half inches tall with a drink and a cigarette. The “Candy Man” Sammy Davis Jr. stands 11 and a half inches tall and poses with his arms around his two good pallies. The wooden base is hand stained and clear coated with varnish, and comes with a brass plate with the title of the piece.

This is custom made to order, and takes 4-6 weeks for delivery. It can be shipped, or can be arranged for local pick up.

Single Statues: $375.00

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