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New Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts DVD Another Example Of Comedy Done Right

Hey pallies, likes today's we begin with a bit of an apology to all of youse Dino-holics who loves their Dino-news to be the most current of the current.  We do apologize that today's report oughta have appeared here at least a few weeks ago, but with all the powerful prose 'bout our most beloved Dino that we keeps sharin', we simply have not gotten to this 'til today.  Likes what we are speakin' of is the latest release of Dino-dvds from our pallies over at StarVista (Time-Life).

A number of months ago StarVista released both a full set of the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts (54 roasts plus extras on 25 dvds), as well as a collection tagged the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts Collector Edition (12 roasts plus extras on 6 dvds).  In March 'nother smaller set tagged the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts  Fully Roasted (17 roasts on 6 dvds).  While the original releases last fall generated a huge huge media blitz on the ol' web with tons of dudes scribin' reviews, this most recent release has mucho lesso publicity.

Today we share with you the single review that we have found on the "Fully Roasted" set taken from the self tag blog, "philspicks" where scriber Phillip Sayblack has written a glowin' review of the set.  For pallies who broke their piggy banks and purchased the original complete set, there woulda be no reason to make a current purchase, but for those who get the smaller original set, this is an op for them to get more of the full collection.  We here at ilovedinomartin image that a couple or three more smaller sets will at some point be released so that all Dino-philes will be able to gets their hands on every one of the roasts.....piece by piece.

Likes won't go into anymore detail at this time, 'cause all youse dudes can read Phil's patter below.  ilovedinomartin thanks Phil for doin' his part to spread news of this latest Dino-release.  To checks this out in it's original format, as usual, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram.  Dino-announcin', DMP

New Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts DVD Another Example Of Comedy Done Right

Courtesy:  StarVista Entertainment/Time Life Entertainment

The world is in a tough place, right now.  Political and economic strife dominate the news every day.  And television and movies are more dominated by sex and violence than ever before.  Thankfully, StarVista has stepped up once again to offer audiences what is a great escape from all the death, destruction, sex and violence dominating television and movies.  StarVista Entertainment has stepped up and offered an escape from it all in the form of the latest Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts box set.  This collection, the second in a set of three boxes, is just as worthy of applause as the first Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts box set.  That is the case first and foremost because of the laughs that fill each episode in this set.  Audiences will also appreciate that the episodes contained in this set are presented just as they originally aired.  And last but definitely not least, the packaging itself is well worth mentioning, too.  StarVista Entertainment has once again quite wisely packaged each of the six discs that comprise this box set.  The company has also included as part of the packaging, a bonus booklet that serves as an episode guide for viewers.  That inclusion as part of the set’s packaging, along with the equally impressive quality of the show’s footage and the nonstop laughs, makes The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts: Fully Roasted one of this year’s best new box sets for adults.

The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts: Fully Roasted is one of the year’s best new box sets for adults.  The primary reason for that is the fact that these roasts are just as funny today as they were in their original broadcasts so many decades ago.  Given, some of the jokes are a little bit off color.  Case in point, actress Lawanda Page’s (Sanford & Son) jokes aimed at her fellow roasters in the roast of Betty White (Password, Golden Girls, Hot in Cleveland).  But there are just as many jokes that are pure laugh riots throughout each of the set’s sixteen total episodes.  One great example of this is in the celebrity roast of George Washington.  Yes, George Washington.  Famed historical impersonator Jan Leighton played the role of the nation’s first president.  And Audrey Meadows filled the role of George’s wife, Martha.  This roast is one that every viewer will love.  Whether it be the roast of George Washington, Betty White, or any of the others included in this box set, every one of the included roasts will most certainly leave viewers in stitches.  They will find themselves laughing so hard that they cry.  And that’s just the starting point of what makes this box set so fun.  The quality of each show’s footage makes the set even more enjoyable.

The jokes churned out throughout each of this set’s sixteen total episodes are certain to leave viewers laughing tears of joy.  If not for the work of those charged with restoring and transferring each episode, the set (and its predecessor) would not be worth the purchase.  Thanks to their work, the decades old footage still looks just as good as it did in its original broadcast.  StarVista made certain to include a disclaimer on each disc informing viewers that there may be some issues with the footage quality.  But this critic will attest to the fact that any issues with the quality of the episodes’ footage are minute at best and barely noticeable.  To that extent, the quality of each episode’s footage will create a welcome sense of nostalgia for older viewers that order this box set.  That sense of nostalgia in turn adds even more overall charm to the set, making it even more of a must have for any classic TV lover.

The impressively restored footage and the nonstop laugh riot roasts together are the collective cornerstone to The Dean Martin Roasts: Fully Roasted.  They aren’t all that make this new release such a joy.  There is still one more factor to consider in the success of this set.  That factor is the overall packaging of the set.

StarVista Entertainment  established a tradition of smart, quality packaging with previous box sets including the previous Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts set and all of its current Carol Burnett Show sets.  That tradition has been carried on in this set.  Each of the set’s six discs receives its own spot on either side of a handful of “inserts” inside the set’s box.  This protects the discs from scratching one another and it helps to save a certain amount of space on any viewer’s DVD rack.  Add in a bonus booklet that serves as an episode guide and gives background information on each episode, and viewers have what is another complete and completely impressive package from StarVista Entertainment and Time Life.  They flesh out a package that is in the eyes of at least this critic, one of the year’s best new box sets for adults.

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