Saturday, November 16, 2013

Entertainer Dean Paul Martin “The one who got away”

Hey pallies, likes here's 'nother very very cool Dino Jr. post that we have been sittin' on for a number of months, and 'gain this seems likes a great great time, on the eve of the anniversary of Dino Jr.'s birthday, to share this truth-to-Dino Jr.-life story.  The post comes from the pad "Wiki Narrator" and was scribed by a lady who simply tags herself, "Story teller."

Likes it's a tale of a time when Dino Jr. was servin' on duty at Homestead AFB and "Story teller" was a cocktail waitress at the Officer's Club.  ilovedinomartin doesn't want to gives away the plot, so likes we ain't gonna sezs any more then simply read on all you Dino-holic Dino-philes!

ilovedinomartin salutes Miss "Story teller" for sharin' this true life Dino Jr. experience with the larger Dino-world.  To checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this Dino-reflection.  Dino-humbly, DMP

Back in the day when I was in my 30’s I worked at the Officers Club on Homestead AFB.  I must say being a cocktail waitress there was very interesting to say the least!  (Even met my husband of 25 years there!)  I met quite a variety of people from all walks of life.  One in particular was Dean Martin’s son, Dean Paul.  Homestead was a training facility for all branches of military.  Dean Paul was a pilot in the National Guard and was training in one of Homestead’s aircraft.  He was TDY (which for those who don’t know military jargon is Temporary Duty) for a month or so and of course where did all the pilots go after a hard day training?  To the O club of course!  Being a celebrity he was always surrounded by people.  He was a lovely person with beautiful eyes and nice smile.
The first time I met him one of his groupies told me who he was (as if I wouldn’t know!) and ask me if I wanted an autograph.  I said sure and have it to this day.
Time passes, he goes back to California and life goes on.  But wait!!  Months later I’m working and who walks in but Dean Paul!  After much hugging and greeting (I am southern and that’s just what we do!)  He asks me to go to dinner with him.  When the shock wears off I have to turn him down.  I know you don’t believe it.  I still have a hard time believing it myself!  You see, I was dating someone at the time and couldn’t bring myself to cheat on him even if it was a once in a lifetime thing!  Those good ole southern Baptist values kicking in!!
The irony of this story is later on in my said relationship this guy cheats on me with an old flame!  Can you believe it?
Now also being that southern belle we have our vindictive side as well.  Said guy had given me a pair of his shorts to alter.   So being in a very bad mood I cut the legs into shreds folded them nicely (of course!) and laid them on his front porch.  I never saw him again.  Word was he was AFRAID to see me!!  I’ve mellowed in my older years.
And what happened to Dean Paul you ask?  That dear sweet guy was flying a training exercise and was fatally injured in a crash a couple of years after we met. R.I.P. Dean Paul.


Mr. AOW said...

As Dino Jr. aged, he became more suave looking. Certainly not his Dad's coloring, but you can still see a lot of our Dino in Dino Jr. Such charisma!

Always On Watch said...

Please check your email. I made a terrible mistake with some comments I made to your web site!

Danny G,
Please do not publish any comments that look as if they came from Mr. AOW. He was signed in on my computer, and I didn't realize it, soI made comments using the wrong profile.

PS: You do not have to publish this comment. Of course!

Always On Watch said...

No doubt about it: as Dino Jr. got older, he became more attractive and more charismatic. He did look more like his dad over the years although Dino Jr's coloring was more like Jeanne's.

And he looks like the quintessential Southern Californi kid!

BTW, Mr. AOW is from Southern California and, when younger, bore a strong resemblance to Dino Jr.