Sunday, November 24, 2013

Danny G's Pre-Thanksgivin' Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Thank Heaven For Little Girls"

Hey hey pallies!! Man o man, can'ts believe Thanksgivin' is almost upon us!!! This month is SO flyin' by!!! Lucky for us pals that we gots PLENTY of Dean to last the WHOLE year through!

Now I know that we still gots a few more days 'til we're carvin' & servin' the bird, but I just wanted this week's Serenade to be FILLED with Dino-silliness & Dino-thanks for all youse pallies of mine!

I'm sure ALL my pals out there & 'round the world, have many many reasons to be I'm not gonna remind youse to appreciate what blessin's you've been given...just to keep Dino playin' ALL year! He's SURE to bring a smile to your day & put some happiness in even the GLUMMEST heart!

"Thank Heaven For Little Girls" is AB SO LUTE LY perfecto for such a great great day & is just such a perfecto tune for our COOLEST & SILLIEST pal! Dean ALWAYS knew how to have fun & ALWAYS shared that fun with everyone & THATS why I am so so thankful for havin' Dino to brighten EVERYDAY of the my year! Happy Thanksgivin' pals! Enjoy!!!   

Thank heaven for little girls
For little girls get bigger every day!
Thank heaven for little girls
They grow up in the most delightful way!
Those little eyes so helpless and appealing
One day will flash and send you crashin' through the ceilin'
Thank heaven for little girls
Thank heaven for them all
No matter where, no matter who
For without them, what would little boys do?


Always On Watch said...

Oh, I remember this particular segment on our Dino's weekly show. So cute!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes on this week of Giving Dino Thanks, thanks so much for 'nother inspirin' Sunday Serenade with Dino...likes Miss AOW, this clip is one of the most memorable moments from our most beloved Dino's great great show! Likes Danny-o, keeps sharin' and lovin' our Dino!

Danny G. said...

Just doin' my small small part to spread the Dino-word pallie! Always & Forever!!!