Friday, March 26, 2010

Dean Martin – Everybody Loves Somebody

Hey pallies, today's Dino-post comes from the blogg "Any Major Dude With Half A Heart." Loves the tagg of this blog, but me thinks by the way this dude speaks of our Dino's amazin' signature song, "Everybody Loves Somebody, Sometine," that indeed this listener's heart may be in serious need of our Dino's attentionado.

Sayin' that this stupendous hit of our beloved Dino is "Dino at his most languid" is fightin' words to this Dino-holic's heart. As the reviewer notes it is with this tune that our Dino showed his power to knock the Beatles off the charts....which no one before that time had been able to do.

When this guy writes "I don’t think that Dean Martin was very serious about this song," he certainly shows his true lack of Dino-understandin'....after all, we who are in the Dino-know, know that our beloved Dino's smooth style was to make everythin' look likes he wasn't serious 'bout it.

So, likes why share this with you....'cause I think all who are truly the Dino-faihful need to knows the opposition that is out there and in this case, would kindly as you to clicks on the tagg of this Dino-post and share your Dino-thoughts with this dude who doesn't truly understand our Dino. Checks out my Dino-patter to this guy, and let's 'em know your Dino-thoughts. Dino-askin', DMP

Dean Martin – Everybody Loves Somebody (1964).mp3

Dino at his most languid. I don’t think that Dean Martin was very serious about this song, written 17 years earlier and recorded spontaneously at the end of recording session. His sardonic delivery, accompanied by antiquated backing vocals that just scream kitsch, is an indication. Everybody Loves Somebody Sometimes became a massive hit and one of a handful of signature tunes for Martin. In fact, the title apparently is engraved on his tombstone. In the US, Everybody Loves Somebody took over the #1 spot from the Beatles’ A Hard Day’s Night — which he had predicted the song would do. He also sent Sinatra, who had recorded the song earlier, a telegram, telling his old pal: “This is how you do it”. While a huge hit in the US, Everybody Loves Somebody reached only #11 in Britain, a market which cannot be said to have been averse to easy listening schlock, as the career of the regrettable Engelbert Humperdinck illustrates.

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