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"Dean Martin the man we learned the art of living"

Hey pallies, likes once 'gain the words of the day are likes MASSIVE and international dudes.  As were goin' through our usual blog searchin' homework we recently happened 'pon an older post from the Spanish blog "Far West"  dated November 23, 2012 where an unnamed blogger shared a marvelously massive, hugest of huge homage of our most beloved Dino simply tagged "DEAN MARTIN."

While the intent of this particular web pad, in the words of the blogger, is a "blog dedicated to the best American westerns of the history of cinema," the delightful dude who created the extraordinary essay on our Dino shares extensively from our main man's life, times and teachin's far far beyond just accentin' his wonderful western efforts.

Youse knows that this guy deeply deeply digs our Dino by the swank sentences lovin'ly ladened with the purest of pure passion for our Dino that opens these  remarkable reflections:  "Today we will talk about Dean Martin (Dino di Paul Crocetti real name), as remembered as eternal. A great actor in his films always did himself. Dean Martin was a charismatic, mischievous, smart, womanizing, gulf, party animal, seductive man, player, of strong personality, and always conquered the most beautiful ladies."

Likes, if that is all that this blogger has scribed 'bout our King of Cool. it woulda been stunnin'ly sufficient, but that is simply where he begins with his awesome adulation of our one and only Dino.
Our fav of this dude's wisest of wise Dino-words is the sentence that we have chosen to tag this Dino-report... "Dean Martin the man we learned the art of living"  We gotta say pallies that dem are some of the coolest of cool, wisest of wise words ever spoken 'bout our main man!

We coulda goes on and on with laudin' this dude's ubber understandin' of our Dino, but then youse wouldn't have the time to read it all for yourselves.  So, digs into this delightful Dino-feast Dino-holics everywhere...enjoys the prose, the pixs, the vids excitin'ly exhibitin' the remarkable range of our Dino's life, time, and teachin's.

We are most appreciate of the host of "FAR WEST" for their energetic efforts in the spreadin' of the Dino-message to their readership and helpin', we are certain, to bring many many into knowin', lovin', and honorin' our one and only Dino.  We sez sorry for not happenin' 'pon this sooner, and we did a wee bit of research and there are several  more bits of Dino-adulation at "FAR WEST" that we will share in future postin's here at ilovedinomartin.   To checks this out in it's original source, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-message.  Dino-awed, DMP


DEAN MARTIN (1917-1995)

Today we will talk about Dean Martin (Dino di Paul Crocetti real name), as remembered as eternal. A great actor in his films always did himself. Dean Martin was a charismatic, mischievous, smart, womanizing, gulf, party animal, seductive man, player, of strong personality, and always conquered the most beautiful ladies.

He was born in Ohio in 1917. His family was of Italian and humble origin, where his father was a barber and his mother a housewife.

Great actor, showman, singer and humorist. I work in very different things in his teens as a laborer, gas station, and even boxer croupier, where he acquired some success with the pseudonym "Kid Crocetti".

He began performing as a singer in various night clubs where alternated songs with comic monologues, acting under the pseudonym "Dino Martini", and achieved great success with songs like "Volare", "Everybody loves somebody sometimes", "Bouna Sera" , "Sway" ...

A great actor, but above all an excellent singer swing.

"Everybody loves somebody sometimes" with John Wayne

Dean Martin sings "Volare"

In these environments he met another rookie comedian Jerry Lewis, both colleagues were inseparable and prepared a number that debuted in Atlantic City in 1946, achieving its chemical arouse enthusiasm among the audience. In 1946 they debuted in film with the title "My friend Irma," which was the beginning of a fruitful collaboration that produced great comedies like "My friend Irma Goes West" (1950), "Locos del aire" (1952) "What a pair of sea" (1952), "A legacy of fear" (1953), "crazy rider" (1953), "That pair of cut-throats" (1953), "king of the circus" (1954), " living his life "(1954)," You're Never Too Young "(1955)," Artists and models "(1955), and" Pardners "(1956).

A unique couple

Always repeating the same roles, Dean Martin was the heartthrob who was always chasing skirts, and Jerry Lewis was the clumsy got them all trouble. They were so famous that even a comic book published with the adventures of this wonderful couple.

The Adventures of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis

"Locos por Anita" (1956) was his last performance together, egos and another one ended with the fruitful couple to start their solo careers. Dean Martin never tired of repeating throughout his life that the two most important moments of his career was when he teamed up with Jerry Lewis and when separated from him.

There is even a comic that tells us his beautiful story:

The Martin and Lewis Story

Since the 50s he was part of a group of actors who called it "Rat Pack" consisting of: Sammy Davis Jr., Frank Sinatra, Johnny Carson, Joey Bishop and himself. All participated in the famous movie "Ocean's Eleven" (1960) (which had a famous remake with George Clooney "Ocean Eleven"), shot in Las Vegas, which thanks to them today is the great city that is. A loving group play and the good life, and very close contacts with the mafia. They looked with members of organized crime very often.

Rat Pack

This group agreed to establish a kind of secret society that was based on the following principles:
Hollywood sucks.
Never trust the boss.
Drink all you can.
She loves music as yourself.

Rat Pack Show in Las Vegas

Their motto chosen was "Never rat on a rat" (never delates a rat). Its members were to meddle in every possible pots television, theater, music, film and politics. The "Rat Pack" embodied the values ​​of a time when the world had not yet lost its innocence. Before Hollywood became a business and the stars had to live confined at home. They smiled, they were traveling were rich and handsome, did what they pleased, who would not want to be like them?

Because they lived for fun, as if tomorrow was going to be even better than today. Nape was another group like them, "were unrepeatable because the world is no longer as they wanted it to be."

The Rat Pack group in Las Vegas

Between 1965-1973, Dean Martin was hired by NBC and became the host of his own television show was called "The Dean Martin Show".

In film he performed the role of heartthrob and singer, and let memorable roles as "The Young Lions" (1957) Edward Dmytryk, "Some Came Running" (1958) Vincente Minnelli, "Rio Bravo" (1959) Howard Hawks, "4 guys from Texas" (1963) by Robert Aldrich, "Bésame tonto" (1964) by Billy Wilder, and "The Sons of Katie Elder" (1965) by Henry Hathaway.

Marriage had four of which 9 children. One of them died in a plane crash, which Dean Martin plunged into a deep depression from which he would not recover until the day of his death.
Always he ran an urban legend that Dean Martin was a heavy drinker, but in the book: "Fran Sinatra and the forgotten art of living" said hardly drank, but always had a glass of liquor in hand, or what seemed liquor, because pretended to be a heavy drinker since he went with his role life. In his shows out with a glass of wine or whiskie in hand, but very few people they knew that it was grape juice or iced tea.

Film was removed in the first half of the 80s after participating in the horrible titles "The Cannonball Run" (1981) and "The Cannonball Run 2" (1984), both directed by Hal Needham titles.

On Christmas Day 1995 Dean Martin died of respiratory problems. He was 78.

"Dean Martin the man we learned the art of living"

But mostly it participated in the following major westerns:

Cowboy Dean Martin

Pardners (1956) by Norman Taurog

Rio Bravo (1959) Howard Hawks: Of all the western who played the moviegoer will always keep in memory interpretation drunkard and cowardly sheriff in Rio Bravo, finally transmuted into brave mate John Wayne. Perhaps that success it was because their own life experience was not far from the movie character. Dean Martin, and not only in Rio Bravo, was always a drunkard legend. To remember the song "My rifle, my pony and me" singing in the film.

Three Sergeants (1962) by John Sturges
4 guys from Texas (1963) by Robert Aldrich
4 Sons of Katie Elder (1965) Henry Hathaway
Texas (1966) by Michael Gordon
Rough Night in Jericho (1967) of Arnold Laven
Poker death of Henry Hathaway
Bandolero (1968) by Andrew V. McLaglen
The first machine gun West (1971) Andrew V. McLaglen
Friends to death (1973) by George Seaton. recently he had an interesting remake with Pierce Brosnan and Liam Neeson "Confronted".

Dean Martin sings  "My Rifle, my Pony and Me"


DEAN MARTIN (1917-1995)

Hoy vamos a hablar de Dean Martin (de nombre real Dino Paul Crocetti), tan recordado como eterno. Un gran actor que en sus películas siempre hizo de sí mismo. Dean Martin fue un hombre carismático, pícaro, elegante, mujeriego, golfo, juerguista, seductor, jugador, de personalidad arrolladora, y que siempre conquistaba a las más bellas señoritas.

Nació en Ohio en 1917. Su familia era de procedencia italiana y humilde, donde su padre era barbero y su madre ama de casa.

Genial actor, showman, cantante, y humorista. Trabajo en muy diferentes cosas en su adolescencia como peón, gasolinero, croupier e incluso boxeador, donde adquirió cierto éxito con el seudónimo de “Kid Crocetti”.

Empezó a actuar como cantante en diversos night-clubs donde alternaba canciones con monólogos cómicos, actuaba con el pseudónimo de “Dino Martini”, y alcanzó gran éxito con canciones como: “Volare”, “Everybody loves somebody sometimes”, “Bouna Sera”, “Sway”…
Un gran actor, pero ante todo un excelente cantante de swing.

 “Everybody loves somebody sometimes” junto a John Wayne

Dean Martin canta "Volare"

En estos ambientes conoció a otro cómico novato Jerry Lewis, ambos se hicieron colegas inseparables y prepararon un número con el que debutaron en Atlantic City en 1946, consiguiendo con su química despertar el entusiasmo entre el público asistente. En 1946 debutaron en el cine con el título “Mi amiga Irma”, que fue el inicio de una fructífera colaboración que produjo grandes comedias como: “Mi amiga Irma va al oeste” (1950), “Locos del aire” (1952), “Vaya par de marinos”(1952), “Una herencia de miedo”(1953), “El jinete loco” (1953), “Que par de golfantes”(1953), “El rey del circo”(1954), “Viviendo su vida”(1954), “Un fresco en apuros”(1955), “Artistas y modelos” (1955), y “Juntos ante el peligro”(1956).

Una pareja irrepetible

Siempre repetían los mismos papeles, Dean Martin era el galán que estaba siempre persiguiendo faldas, y Jerry Lewis era el torpe que les metía en todos los líos. Fueron tan famosos que hasta se publicaron unos cómic con las andanzas de esta maravillosa pareja.

The Adventures of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis

“Locos por Anita” (1956) fue su última interpretación juntos, los egos de uno y de otro acabo con la fructífera pareja, para iniciar sus carreras en solitario. Dean Martin no se cansó de repetir a lo largo de toda su vida que los dos momentos más importantes de su carrera fueron cuando se asoció con Jerry Lewis y cuando se separó de él.

Hasta existe un cómic que nos cuenta su bonita historia:

The Martin and Lewis Story

Desde la década de los 50 formó parte de un grupo de actores al que denominaban “Rat pack” formado por: Sammy Davis Jr., Frank Sinatra, Johnny Carson, Joey Bishop y él. Todos participaron en la famosa película “La cuadrilla de los once” (1960) (que tuvo un famoso remake con George Clooney “Ocean Eleven”), película rodada en Las Vegas, la cual  gracias a ellos es hoy en día la gran ciudad que es. Un grupo amante de la juega y la buena vida, y con contactos muy estrechos con la mafia. Se les veía con miembros del crimen organizado muy a menudo.

Rat Pack

Este grupo acordó fundar una especie de sociedad secreta que se basaba en los siguientes principios:
Hollywood apesta.
No te fíes nunca del jefe.
Bebe todo lo que puedas.
Ama la música como a ti mismo.

Show de Rat Pack en Las Vegas

Su lema escogido, era “Never rat on a rat” (nunca delates a una rata). Sus integrantes debían meter mano en todas las ollas posibles: televisión, teatro, música, cine y la política. El “Rat Pack” encarnaba los valores de una época en la que el mundo no había perdido aún su inocencia. Antes de que Hollywood se convirtiera en un negocio y las estrellas tuvieran que vivir recluidas en casa. Ellos sonreían, viajaban, eran ricos y guapos, hacían lo que les daba la gana, ¿quién no hubiera querido ser como ellos?

Porque vivían para divertirse, como si el mañana fuera a ser aún mejor que el hoy. Nuca hubo otro grupo como ellos, “fueron irrepetibles porque el mundo ya no es como ellos querían que fuera”.

El grupo Rat Pack en Las Vegas

Entre  1965-1973, Dean Martin es contratado por la NBC y se convierte en el anfitrión de su propio programa de televisión que recibió el nombre de “The Dean Martin Show”.

En el cine realizó el papel de galán y cantante, y dejó papeles memorables como: "El Baile De Los Malditos" (1957) de Edward Dmytryk, “Como un torrente” (1958) de Vincente Minnelli, "Río Bravo" (1959) de Howard Hawks, , “4 tíos de Texas” (1963) de Robert Aldrich, “Bésame tonto” (1964) de Billy Wilder, y “Los Cuatro Hijos De Katie Elder" (1965) de Henry Hathaway.

Tuvo 4 matrimonio de los cuales 9 hijos. Uno de ellos falleció de un accidente aéreo, lo cual sumió a Dean Martin en una profunda depresión de la que no se recuperaría hasta el día de su muerte.

Siempre corrió una leyenda urbana que decía que Dean Martin era un bebedor empedernido, pero en el libro: “Fran Sinatra y el olvidado arte de vivir” decía que apenas bebía, aunque siempre tenía un vaso de licor en las manos, o lo que parecía licor, porque simulaba ser un gran bebedor ya que iba con su rol de vida. En sus shows salía con una copa de vino o de whiskie en la mano, pero muy poca personas sabían que era zumo de uva o té helado.

Del cine se retiró en la primera mitad de los años 80 tras participar en los horribles títulos "Los locos del Cannonball" (1981) y "Los locos del cannonball 2" (1984), ambos títulos dirigidos por Hal Needham.

El  día de Navidad de 1995 Dean Martin falleció a causa de problemas respiratorios. Tenía 78 años.

“Dean Martin el hombre del que hemos aprendido el arte de vivir”

Pero sobre todo participó en los siguientes grandes westerns:

Vaquero Dean Martin
Juntos ante el peligro (1956) de Norman Taurog
 Río Bravo (1959) de Howard Hawks: De todos los western que interpretó, el aficionado al cine guardará siempre en la memoria su interpretación del sheriff borrachín y cobarde en Río Bravo, transmutado finalmente en valiente compañero de John Wayne. Quizá aquel acierto se debiera a que su propia experiencia vital no estaba muy lejos del personaje cinematográfico. Dean Martin, y no sólo en Río Bravo, fue siempre un borrachín de leyenda. Para el recuerdo el tema "My rifle, my pony and me"  que canta en la película.
Tres sargentos (1962) de John Sturges
4 tíos de Texas (1963) de Robert Aldrich
Los 4 hijos de Katie Elder (1965) de Henry Hathaway
Texas (1966) de Michael Gordon
Noche de titanes (1967) de Arnold Laven
El póker de la muerte de Henry Hathaway
Bandolero (1968) de Andrew V. McLaglen
La primera ametralladora del oeste (1971) Andrew V. McLaglen
Amigos hasta la muerte (1973) de George Seaton. Tuvo recientemente un interesante remake con Pierce Brosnan y Liam Neeson "Enfrentados".

Dean Martin canta "My Rifle, my Pony and Me"


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