Saturday, November 16, 2013

Tomorrow In Dino-history: November 17, 1951


Hey pallies, likes tomorrow is one very very special day in the life and times of our most beloved Dino, for it was on that date, November 17 in 1951 that his first born son to his second wife Jeanne entered the world. Dino tagged his beloved boypallie after himself, Dean Paul Martin Jr. and he grew up bein' known as Dino Martin Jr.


Our most beloved Dino's most beloved boypallie namesake truly truly loved up to the takin' of his devoted daddy-o's tag becomin a stunnin'ly successful entertainer himself as a teen bein' part of the swingin' pop trio, Dino, Desi, and Billy.  As he was multi-talented likes his famous father, Dino Jr. had a hard time decidin' where to put the accent on his amazin' life.   Dino Jr. tried his hand a professional football, became a talented player of tennis, and found fame and fortune as an actor on both the big and small screens.  And, our Dino's golden boy also went on to become a pilot of jets in the Air Force Reserve.

One thin' for sure dudes, Dino Jr. was definitely meant to be heir apparent to our King of Cool's Dino-throne. And, of course likes all of that came to a unthinkable end when Dino Jr. tragically crashed his National Guard F-4 Phantom fighter jet in California's San Bernardino Mountains during a snowstorm on March 21, 1987.  This huge tragedy broke our Dino's heart and he was never ever the same again.  Many many close to our Dino believed that upon Dino Jr.'s untimely death, our great man lost any desire to life.

So, on November 17, we pay homage to the birth of our most beloved Dino's most beloved boypallie Dino Martin Jr., truly truly one of the greatest days in the life of our King of Cool.   

Below we share a pix of our Dino and his boypallie Dino taken at the party celebratin' the opennin' of the hugely successful Dino-flick, "Airport."   How proud our Dino musta been to share this very special evenin' with his most beloved namesake!  

 And last, but not least, is a vid we have often shared here at ilovedinomartin of our Dino and Dino Jr. makin' music together on the Dino-show.  Again, how proud our Dino musta been bein' able to feature his very talented son with the world as they crooned a marvelous rendition of "Small Fry."  

Tomorrow we celebrate this wondrous day in our Dino's life as we remember and honor Dino Jr. on the 62 anniversary of his arrival into family Martin.  Dino-rememberin', DMP


Mr. AOW said...

My brother-in-law was born on November 17, 1953. Interesting coincidence -- that November 17th date, I mean.

Our Dino never recovered from the loss of his namesake. Two tragedies in one: our Dino's sorrow and Dino Jr's untimely death!

Always On Watch said...

Interesting coincidence: my brother-in-law was born on November 17. In a different year, though.