Sunday, March 28, 2010

Our Dino Sings "I'm In The Mood For Love"

Hey pallies, likes this is one of fav Dino-moments from the Dino-show as featured on the amazin' Dino-vid, "That's Amore." I'm like so so Dino-psyched to see this back up at youtube. For some reason this is one Dino-tune that seems to gets removed by the youtube police almost as soon at it gets I encourage you to watch it now, watch it often while it's available.

This Dino-clip is classic Dino all the way.....I loves watchin' every nuance of our Dino's vocal inflections and every nuance of our Dino's facial expressions as he makes this song his very Dino-own. I so loves every single moment of this Dino-classic from the before the first note when our Dino does a bit of business with his bow tie to after the last note when our Dino waves with his every present cigarette, flicks some ash and takes a deep draw on his smoke. There never was, and never ever will be anyone as cool as our King of Cool!

Truly to the Dino-dedicated, we are always in the mood for our Dino! Dino-awed, DMP


Sannie said...

The man in his prime. Thanks for blogging; it's one of my favorites too.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, Miss Sannie that is such a stellar Dino-way of expressin' it....Dino in his prime....aged well, and oh, oh, so tender....thanks for the Dino-appreciatio...glads you digss this song as much as I do...truly only Dino matters!