Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I am 17 years old and a football player who thinks "Dino" has it goin on!

Hey pallies, here's a review by Mr. Jerry McCulley of the Dino al-b-um that went platinum, "DINO: The Essential Dean Martin. Found this review at the "Frank Sinatra Music" site, and as usual you can clicks on the tagg of this Dino-post to check it out there.

Gotta 'fess up that I really ain't postin' this for the content of the review...although it is more then adequate. Truth be told, am sharin' this with all you pallies 'cause of the cool "user review" by the 17 year old player of football...who as you will note in the tagg of this post really diggs our Dino.

Always loves readin' of 'nother of today's youth who is really into our Dino! Loves how this guy proclaims that he "thinks 'Dino' has it goin on!" Wishes I know who this dude was, 'cause I woulda loves to send him my Dino-appreciato for comin' to know, love, and honor our Dino....and likes settin' such a wonderful example for other of today's youth.

With such Dino-devotion from this Deanager likes we know that we will never ever be in danger of our Dino bein' forgotten! DINO RULES! Dino-delightedly, DMP

Dino: The Essential Dean Martin

The revisionist take on the Rat Pack’s razor-witted King of Cool reveals a Dean Martin who was considerably more complex than the Titan of Tipplers legend; a man who would just as soon retire to his room with a tumbler of milk to watch a TV Western than prowl the Strip with his famous cohorts. That sublime, preternatural indifference is both underscored and belied with dizzying regularity on this good 30-track overview of Martin’s singing career. The breezy hits “That’s Amore” and “Volare” underscored his public staying power when many counted him out in the face of a surging 1950s youth market. He repeated the feat again with trademark effortlessness a decade later to knock no less than the Beatles off the top of the charts with the unlikely, if inviting schmaltz of “Everybody Loves Somebody.” Ever informed by his warm, deceptive vocal ease, Martin’s rich signature tunes are well-represented here. But the collection also spans enough lovable kitsch (“Mambo Italiano,” “Little Old Wine Drinker Me”) and unabashed romantic yearning (“Innamorata,” “Send Me the Pillow You Dream On”) to deepen the compelling mystery of one of pop music’s most enduring ciphers. –Jerry McCulley

User Reviews
As good of music as made anytime, anywhere. Truly essential as the title states. Everyone should hear and enjoy this wonderful artist. -- Fabulous!Ok...

I am 17 years old and a football player who thinks "Dino" has it goin on! He is a classic and the songs are of old, but cool -- 17 year old who likes this classic

I was happy with my purchase, there was a slight crack in the case but besides that it was fine. Shipping was fast and on time. --

Pleased I wish I was around when Dino was still a younger man!!
For all Italians / Sicilians this is the album to buy,

Dino at his best!! -- Dino is the man!!Dean in my eyes has always been the better performer out of the rat pack. I still don't understand why they let Peter Lawford in, it had to of been the Kennedy lure. This is a great CD and has all the best songs by Dean Martin, it is one on my favorites. I highly recommend this CD. -- Best Album

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