Sunday, November 29, 2020

Danny G's SPECIAL Dino-Winter Month Sunday Serenades with Dino: "Canadian Sunset"

 Welcome back, ol' pals o mine! 

How was your day of Givin' Dino-thanks? 




Still full? 

Still cleanin' up the mess? Haha!! Yup. Lotta thins' to prepare. 

Well, pallies...are youse ready to do it all 'gain?! UGH!! 

Hey, pallies...that's OK...tis the season...Dino-Winter Month is upon us! 

Here we go! 

We is 'bout to jump into the most wonderful time of the year & it's comin' up quick! 

Such a Fun & Crazy time, my friends! 

I AB SO LUTE LY love it & soaks in every single Dino-drippin' second! The whole thin', mi amici! The snow! The decorations! The gift givin' & receivin'! Obviously, the tunes! And even though thins' in our world are a complete mess right now...I STILL loves it! 

Every Crazy Chaotic nuance of December is such fun to me...I just can't help but to thinks of Dino! 

He's all 'round us this time of year! 

The markets...the malls...the radio & on T.V.! It's positively INVIGORATIN'...hearin' & seein' our main dude... in all this Christmassy abundance! Haha!! 

Now, as our fearless leader, DMP, always says..."Youse just don't know WHERE he will pop up next!" And as our great great friend, Ms. AOW, commented a couple years back..."He still seems so alive!" It's true, pallies! 

It's actually hard to believe he's been gone all these years! 

Just goes to show...once 'gain...that legends like Dean, never disappear. Never fade away. He will ALWAYS be with us, mi amici! 

Just like anyone who really mattered in our lives...Dino will live, through us, forever! 

So, my fellow Dino-holics...allow me to kick off Dino-Winter Month 2020...a couple days early. Haha!! Well, mi amici...I'm just SO SO 'cited 'for it! I couldn't even wait 'til next week! So sit back & relax to this week's Serenade..."Canadian Sunset". To me, it's Perfecto for this time of year & perfecto for gettin' us into the holiday Dino-groove! 

Enjoy, my friends! 

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