Sunday, November 08, 2020

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Don't Let The Blues Make You Bad"


Man o' man, pals...whoever said Autumn leave-rakin' is better than Summery sun-bakin'...has AB SO LUTE LY had one too many martinis! 

I thinks I'd even prefer Wintery snow-flakin'! Hahaha!!! 

Did youse catch all that, mi amici? Haha!! 

Well anyways...Welcome back, my fellow Dino-diggers! 

How's thins' this week? 

How's the weather in your part of town? 

Oh, me? 

Oh, how's the weather here in good ol' Massachusetts, youse ask? 

Well, pals o' mine...let's me see...Oh...IT'S FRIGGIN' BEA U TI FUL! Ha! 

Yup...REAL warm, pallies. For this time of my part of the planet, anyway. 70's. 

Hey, guess what, though? 

Who cares?! 

Can't do much these days. Not without a Hazmat suit! 

Rakin' leaves is pretty much all the outdoor activity I'll be gettin' these next few weeks. 

Yea, Danny G. is stayin' indoors. 

I have ALL I need right here at home! 

Some meatballs...some vino...& PLENTY of Dino tunes! 

What's there to want out there?! The plague?! 

No thanks. 

So, pals...I gots  us a REAL cool cool Dino-jam, for today's Serenade. 

Real "Dino-inspirin" in ONLY the way Dino could! 

Just makes me warm all over...listenin' to Dean's WISE WISE words 'bout handlin' life's little set backs, pallies. 

Seems I keep findin' my way to these kinda tunes, lately. 

Youse thinks Dino is tryin' to tell us somethin', pals? 

Maybe usin' me as a "Dino-vessel" to gets the message out?! To Spreadeth the Dino-wordeth...further & the Dino-lovin' masses???!!! Haha!! 

Hey, maybe, my friends. Dean works in mysterious ways. 

Oh well, friends...either way...its a lotta fun! 

So don't be sad if it's a wee bit chilly in your neck of the woods. After all, my is November. 

Don't be upset if the election didn't go quite the way youse was hopin'. 4 years flies by. 

And most of all, pals... DEF I NATE LY "Don't Let the Blues Make You Bad"! 

Stay safe, mi amici! 


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