Sunday, November 15, 2020

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "S'Posin"

Hello, Ol' friends o' mine! 

How's thins'? 

How's the weather? 

How youse feelin'? 

Did I cover all bases here, pals? Haha!! 

Just wanna make sure we ALL doin' OK & gettin' ready for our day of givin' Dino-thanks! 

It's comin' up quick, pallies! And even though this year is gonna be a wee bit different. Maybe no big family's still a time to ponder our lives...count our blessins'...& give thanks to those responsible for helping  us 'long the way.  

Let's keep our fearless leader, Dean Martin Peters, in our thoughts & prayers this Thanksgivin', mi amici. Not sure where or when he will pop back in...but I gotta admit, I'm worried. Been gone a long long time. I'm hoping' I'm sure we all are...that he's gonna show up...& take control...once 'gain, of our cool cool little he always has. Come back soon, pallie. 

I actually always find myself thinkin' of a few special peeps...who have helped me 'long the way. 

Some are gone...some still here. 

Whoever helps get us through the trials & tribulations of life. And those who make the good times EXTRA good! They ALL deserve a thanks. 

Yes, pals...this includes your family, your friends...your dog, cat, & pet rock, too. Haha!! All & Any! 

Now, pals...I just so happens to have two VERY important fellas in mind today. As I do every year...'round this time. 

Two GREAT GREAT guys that actually go hand & hand in my life. 

First is my Dad. Second is Dino. 

One introduced me to the other...& now one keeps the others memory alive. 

A day doesn't pass without them , both, in mind. 

My true "rocks". 

Can always count on them for a smile & positive word. 

These kind've SPECIAL souls will NEVER leave us, mi amici! They are with us & in us forever! Keep their memories alive, always, ol' pals o' mine. 

Now, my friends...let's listen & watch Dino do his thin' with a little "S'Posin". It's comfortin' to the soul.

Have a great week, mi amici!

Was nice to hear from you,  Ms. AOW. 

Happy Birthday, Pop! This ones for you!


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