Sunday, November 01, 2020

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams"


Welcome back, my friends...Happy November! 

Man o man...the days are movin' by SO SO fast! 

Holidays are creepin' up...nights & mornins' are gettin' colder...& days & sun rays seem to be growin' older. 

Maybe a few of us might be feelin' those "Change of Season Blues"! I'll be honest...I already miss October! Loves my tricks n' treats! Haha!! 

Well guess what, pals o mine??!! Our MAIN MAN Dino ain't leavin' us hangin'!!! No way!! Not while "The Deans" in charge! Haha! 

Todays's Serenade is one of the MOSTEST...AB SO LUTE EST...IN SPI RA TION AL tunes youse may EVER hear, pallies! 

I grabbed this BEA U TI FUL little number off Dino's 1959 al b um "Sleep Warm". the ways...was put to vinyl with the help of his bestest pallie, Frankie, conductin'. 

Cool Cool stuff, mi amici! 

"Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams" is SURE to LIFT those dreary hearts & shoo away those cloudy & gray Pre-Holiday moods. 

Can't help but be happy hearin' Dean weave his spell! 

Magical is the ONLY way I can thinks to describe it, pallies! 

Easy flowin...charismatic charm. 

If this don't cheer youse up DON'T knows WHAT to do!!! 

Maybe a little shock treatment???!!! Hahaha! 

Don't fear pals...I'm SURE this will do the trick! 

So hang in there, my friends. Life IS good & 'member ALL thins' shall pass! 

Even this damn virus! Even this crazy election! Haha!!

Most of all...'member that Dean is on your side & NOTHIN' can mess with that! Haha! 


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