Sunday, November 22, 2020

Danny G's SPECIAL Sunday Serenade & Day of Givin' Dino-Thanks! "Things"

 Welcome back, pals! 

Now I know it's a few days early still, but...HAPPY Day of Givin'  Dino-Thanks!!! 

Yes siree, pallies...tis' the season once 'gain...started, of course, by our very own fearless leader, Mr. Dean Martin Peters. 

The season for ponderin' our blessins', mi amici! Ponderin' our lives! Ponderin'...MR. DEAN MARTIN! Haha!!'s true, ol' Dino-diggin' friends o mines...I'm serious! 

I thinks bout' ALL the different ways Dino helps me ALL year long, & I am SO SO greatful! 

Makes EVERYDAY SO SO much brighter! SO SO much funner! SO SO much more meaningful to me! 

REALLY makes me appreciate the MANY MANY ways I'm blessed, pals. 


Hey wait! That's it, pallies!!! 


It's the PER FEC TO Serenade to swing us into our Day of Givin' Dino-Thanks!! 

Let's grab a fun fun vid from Dean's show & kick thins' off with a laugh on good ol' Dino! Never knew what he was gonna do or say next! Hahaha!!! 

Hey pals! Let's get REALLY into this one with a double whammy! 

How's 'bout some "Duetin' with Dino"? No good reason we can't! 

Great stuff to start a great great holiday season! 

We are blessed EVERYDAY pals! 

As long as we stay healthy...avoid this nasty virus, pals....and follow the lead of the one & only, Dean Martin...Things' is gonna be alright. 


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