Monday, September 16, 2019

Yesterday In Dino-history: September 15, 1965

Hey pallies, likes there's yet  'nother notable Dino-event on this great date in all of Dino-history.   For this news we once 'gain visit at "The Olde Disc Jockey's Almanac, where our pallie Mr. Bob Dearborn holds forth.

Likes  Mr. Dearborn has informed his remarkable readership that our most most beloved Dino recorded 'nother of his coolest of cool classic croons, "I Will" at United Recording Studios in Hollywood on September 15 in the year of our Dino 1965.  We gotta 'fess up that we find it incredibly intriguin' that our great man recorded this swank song on the eve  of his debut on the  peacock channel with "The Dean Martin Variety Show," which we  shared earlier this very Dino-day.

Our Dino had said "I Will" to the pallies at NBC months earlier and as all us Dino-holics know it propelled our Dino into millions of households once a week for the nine followin' years.  Likes, as a special treat, we found a vibrant vid of our Dino and Miss Tanya Tucker duetin' on "I Will" for an edition of the 1980 TV Show tagged "The Big Show," and we have shared it below.

Hats off to our pallie of pallies Mr. Bob Dearborn for puttin' us on to 'nother deeply delightful day in Dino-history.  To checks this out in it's original source, likes simply clicks on the tag of this particular Dino-devotion.

We Remain,

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Dino Martin Peters

Dean Martin duet with Tanya Tucker "I Will" (The Big Show) 1980 [Remastered]

September 15, 1965…At United Recording Studios in Hollywood, Dean Martin recorded "I Will."


Danny G. said...

LOVE this vid! Never seen this one before. Got my "Duetin' with Dino" juices flowin', too! Haha!! See what I can come up with for next week's "Serenade". Thanks for the Dino-inspirin'!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Danny-o, we are totally thrilled to be of Dino-service to our Dino-bro. Keeps lovin' 'n sharin' our mighty marvelous majestic DINO!