Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Dean Martin fans, get ready.

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Hey pallies, likes on this 12th day of our month long conclave accentin' the Day That Coolness Came To Earth....the incredibly important date of June 7, 1917 when our main man Dino decended to earth to bring complete cool to our planet we bring news of Dino-fest 2019 from the town of our Dino's birth, Steubenville, Ohio.  Each and every Dino-year for the last 24 years on Daddy-o Day weekend the pallies of our Dino's home pad gets together for the Dean Martin Festival.

Likes below is noteworthy news of this year's Dino-celebration as scribed by Miss Summer Wilkinson, (pictured on the right) a Multimedia Journalist for New 9 of WTOV in Stu-ville.  'Though the Dino-fest ain't been as huge in the last couple of years, the Dino-faithful of this Ohio town continue to put on this solemn salute to our most beloved Dino for three days.  To checks out the Dino-schedule you will find a link at the end of the Dino-prose to checks out all the Dino-action.

And, likes if you clicks on the tag of this Dino-report you will be able to view a News 9 vid feature on the Dean Martin Hometown Celebration that tells all 'bout what is happenin' this weekend.  The Dino-news begins 'bout :50.  Thanks to Miss Summer Wilkinson and all the pallies at News 9!

We Remain,

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Dino Martin Peters

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Dean Martin Festival kicks off Thursday

by Summer Wilkinson Tuesday, June 11th 2019

In just a few days, this year's festival will be kicking off at Spot Bar along S. 4th Street in downtown Steubenville.

STEUBENVILLE, Ohio — Dean Martin fans, get ready.

In just a few days, this year's festival will be kicking off at Spot Bar along S. 4th Street in downtown Steubenville.

On Thursday, folks can get the weekend-long party started with a karaoke competition.

"People come from all over to enter it,” said Jojo Dialbert, owner, Spot Bar. “They impersonate Dean Martin, and we've really had some great ones over the years."

And one of those great impersonators is Dialbert, who's been part of the festival since its start roughly 20 years ago.

"Rose Angelica started it in front of the courthouse with about 15 people,” he said. “The following year, I got together with her to try and take it to another level -- and that’s what we did."

What started as just a handful of people has quickly grown into an event that has gained national attention, with Martin fans traveling far and wide to show up.

But hosting such an event doesn’t come cheap.

That’s why to cut down expenses, this year's venue will be slightly different, as Dino fans will be limited to the back deck of the bar.

"So, we downsized,” Dialbert said. “Where we used to have it in the parking lot and accommodate 1,500-2,000 people a day, we brought it on the deck, which probably cut it down to about 400. A little crowded but still a great time."

And while you'll find a busy Dialbert the days of the festival, he says all the work is worth it.

"The joy I get out of it is to see how happy everyone is, and what a great time they’re having, so that’s my satisfaction."

For a full schedule of events, click here.


Always On Watch said...

I'm both glad and relieved that the Steubenville annual celebration of our Dino is continuing. There was some doubt about that last year.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Miss AOW, indeed it is continuin'...but from what we gather, it is much smaller in scope and we're guessin' not as many Dino-devotees from elsewhere are makin' the pilgrimage as in the glory days of the Dino-fest.