Sunday, September 24, 2017

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Let Me Know"

Welcome back, mi amici... & welcome to Fall 2017!

Man o man...where do the years go?!

Cant even believe I've had the privelage of doin these FUN FUN Sunday Serenades for 6 WON DER FUL years now!

Yup...Fall of 2011 was my first.

TRULY cant express how much I enjoy writin' my deep deep thoughts 'bout life... through the eyes of a Dino-holic... haha... & at the same time...spreadin' the Dino-message!

VERY humbily...I THANK youse for your weekly interest in my insanity & I THANK our fearless leader, DMP, for offerin' me the job.

One which I take very the funnest of ways!

Now, pallies...let's get to this week's Serenade!

Seein' how it's the first week of a new season...I figured I EASE us into this one.

Somethin' REAL mellow & O so soothin'!

Well, pals...thinks I got just what Dr. Dino ordered!

It's's's...well...IT"S PURE DINO!!! Haha!

Pulled it from my own personal "Go to" place for ULTIMATE chillin'!
Dean's 1966 al b um, "Relaxin".

"Let Me Know" will DEF I NATE LY... gently...glide youse into these comin' cool, crisp days ahead.

Sit back & close your eyes, pallies.
Dino's at the wheel & he's on cruise control, Hahaha!!!

Let's embrace Autumn & see what Dean has in store for us next!

It's gonna be a GREAT Fall, pals...just hit PLAY & relax.


Let me know the moment he lets you go
I'll be here to welcome you to my arms yes
I know how you feel
After a love affair is through
That's how I felt when you left me
I still love you

Let me know the moment you're feeling blue
Come to me and I'll never let you go no
I'll always love you can't you see dear
Let me know the moment that you need me

I'll always love you can't you see dear
Let me know the moment that you need me


dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Danny-o, seems impossible to believe that it was six swank years 'go that you startin' your stunnin'ly stellar Sunday Serenade With Dino. We can hardly wait each week to not only see what Dino-croon is chosen, but to read your perfectly powerfully potent patter that keeps showin' how you are growin' deeper and deeper devotionally to our Dino week by week. Thanks for choosin' to share your delightful Dino-adulation with all the pallies gathered 'round our humble little Dino-pad, ilovedinomartin. Keeps lovin' 'n sharin' our most most beloved Dino!

Danny G. said...

Thanks, pallie o mine, DMP! Time truly flies when youse is swingin' with our one & only Dino! Pleasure, as always, is ALL mine!

dino martin peters said...

Likes so happy to call you pallie!