Friday, September 29, 2017

The Ambushers 1967 Dean Martin Italian Playbill

Hey pallies, likes after delightfully discoverin' the Dino-devotion from the blog "Movie Poster Collecting" we got's the notion that there probably was more Dino-gold there to mine if we simply did a little Dino-searchin'....and likes indeed we found a goodly number of other Dino-entries there includin' today's awesomely accentin' Helmer numero tres, "The Ambushers" from 1967.

As you will view below, it's 'nother incredible Italiano Playbill with some images of our Dino that we have seen before in other like posters...includin' our Dino with the remarkable ray gun that has the potent power of liftin' Miss Janine Rule up up in the air!  But, likes yesterday, this particular poster is one that we ain't remembered viewin' before.  'Gain the blog shares a brief plot summary, the cast, and a terrific trailer from "The Ambushers" via youtube.

Likes it's our most beloved Dino as the swankest of swank swingin' spyster Matt Helm...completely cool, hugely hip, and randier then randy!  We thanks the pallies at "Movie Poster Collecting" for sharin' this with the larger Dino-world.  'Gain, if you are considerin' makin' a purchase of this poster, simply clicks on the tag of this Dino-report to goes directly to the pad which has a link all the info needed.   And, to be sure, pallies, we'll return 'gain to this Dino-poster site with more Dino-action very very soon!

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The Ambushers 1967 Dean Martin Italian Playbill

The Ambushers (1967) - (Dean Martin) Italian Playbill

This is a 14" x28" Italian playbill poster designed by EnricoDe Seta for the 1967 Henry Levin film The Ambushers based on the 1963 Donald Hamilton novel of the same title and starring Dean Martin as agent Matt Helm. Plot summary: Sheila Sommars [Janice Rule] accompanies Matt Helm on a mission to recover a hijacked government space saucer. Matt is masquerading as a photographer with the job of photographing some beautiful models.

Cast and crew: Dean Martin, Henry Levin, Donald Hamilton, Enrico De Seta, Herbert Baker, Senta Berger, Janice Rule, James Gregory, Beverly Adams, Matt Helm,Kurt Kasznar, David Mauro, Ron Jenson, John Brascia, Linda Foster, Tomiko Ishizuka, Karin Feddersen, Ulla Lindstrom, Marilyn Tindall

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