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Scotty's Sharin': Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis in the Movie 'Artists and Models' 1955 (Gif)

Hey pallies, likes the world wide web has continued to energetically explode with more and more huge homages to our most beloved Dino and his most beloved partner, Mr. Jerry Lewis.  Likes yesterday as we began our usual almost every day 'net search for Dino-devotion usin' our pallies at Twingly Advanced Blog Search's engine, the first, yes pallies, the very first new Dino-devotion that powerfully popped up at Twingly was the one below, by none other then our beloved pallie-in-Dino, Scotty whose home web base is the beautiful blog "BlueisKewl."

Likes that's completely cool in our Dino-book, as Scotty has been postin' Dino-devotion for some time now, and we have had the powerful privilege of repostin' 'em here at our humble little ilovedinomartin Dino-blog.  So, first thin's first.....a toast to our pallie Scotty-o for bein' the first on Twingly Advanced Blog Search's list of Dino-devotion for September 6!

Scotty's Sharin' this time 'round is a swank salute to our Dino and Mr. Jerry Lewis in "Artists and Models, their fourteenth outtin' on the big screen together.  Faithful ilovedinomartin readers may remember that we have long long considered this to be likes the most potently perfect of all the Martin 'n Lewis epics....and so stellarly special to our Dino-hearts.

Likes as you will see below, our Scotty-o shares a great gif of one of the many marvelously magical moments from "Artists and Models" where our Dino and Mr. Lewis paint mustaches on each other in the most playful of playful ways.  Scotty also shares a vintage image of a poster for the flick, and some powerful patter 'bout facts 'n figures on this coolly classic Dino-epic, mucho of which we ain't ever remember readin' before!

Thanks ever so much pallie Scotty for makin' our Dino-day, and those of many many other Dino-holics with your most recent entry in deepest of deep devotion to our most most beloved Dino!  We are hugely honored to be able to call you pallie and always always so so look forward to sharin' your Dino-adulation here at ilovedinomartin  To checks this out in it's original source at Scotty's pad, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-prose.

We remain,

Yours in Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis in the Movie 'Artists and Models' 1955 (Gif)

Artists and Models is a 1955 Paramount musical comedy in VistaVision and marked Martin and Lewis's fourteenth feature together as a team. The film co-stars Shirley MacLaine and Dorothy Malone, also featuring Eva Gabor and Anita Ekberg in brief roles.

Martin and Lewis' fourteenth feature, Artists and Models was filmed from February 28 to May 3, 1955 at Paramount Studios. The film was released on November 7, 1955 by Paramount Pictures, and was one of the team's highest-budgeted pictures at $1.5 million ($12,589,869.40 in 2011 dollars). The film was shot in VistaVision and Eastmancolor, with prints by Technicolor, and stereophonic sound by Perspecta. Costumes were by Paramount wardrobe designer Edith Head.

Artists and Models marked the first time Lewis worked with former Looney Tunes director Frank Tashlin, whom he admired greatly. Martin and Lewis would reunite with him on their last film, Hollywood Or Bust, and Lewis would then work with Tashlin on six of his solo films.

Producer Hal B. Wallis chose Tashlin for Artists and Models on the basis of his background as a cartoonist, and the film contains many gags influenced by the director's animation work. When MacLaine kisses Lewis in front of a water cooler, the water steams up; in another scene, a massage therapist bends Lewis's leg all the way towards his head. Artists and Models is considered a milestone in movie satire for its mockery of mid-1950s pop culture. One scene satirizes the Kefauver hearings on violent comic books, and other targets in the film include the Cold War, the space race and the publishing business.

Tashlin brought a lot of sexual innuendo to Artists and Models, making it more adult in content than most previous Martin and Lewis movies and indulging his own fetishistic fascination with female characters in revealing costumes. Some of his most suggestive ideas were disallowed by the Production Code; in Tashlin's original script, Lewis's character was named "Fullstick," but the censors ordered the removal of this phallic joke. The censors also asked Paramount to cut a scene where Dorothy Malone is seen wearing only a strategically placed towel, but the studio did not remove it. The finished film contains many jokes that push the boundaries of what was acceptable in the mid-'50s, including many about women's breasts and a number of double entendres.

Longtime Martin and Lewis writer Herbert Baker worked on the script, which had the original title Rock-A-Bye Baby; the title later being used for a 1958 Jerry Lewis film.

Songs featured were by music legends Harry Warren and Jack Brooks, and included "When You Pretend", "You Look So Familiar", "Innamorata (Sweetheart)", "The Lucky Song", and "Artists and Models." A sixth number, sung by Shirley MacLaine during the party, entitled "The Bat Lady", was cut from the final edit.

MacLaine did not make another film with Lewis, but did go on to appear in six more films with Martin, Some Came Running, Ocean's Eleven, Career, All in a Night's Work, What a Way to Go! and Cannonball Run II.

According to a 1955 column by Sheilah Graham, the part of Abby was originally offered to Lizabeth Scott, who had played opposite the team in Scared Stiff. When she turned the part down, Martin asked for Dorothy Malone, his other love interest from Scared Stiff.

The cast is filled with cameos by many Martin and Lewis regulars. Eddie Mayehoff made his cinematic debut in That's My Boy and co-starred in The Stooge. Kathleen Freeman also appeared in 3 Ring Circus, along with a number of Lewis' solo films. Jack Elam was in the team's second-to-last picture, Pardners. Anita Ekberg would appear in Martin and Lewis' final film, Hollywood Or Bust.

The "Vincent the Vulture" comic books made as a prop for this picture briefly appear in the unaired pilot for the Get Smart television series.


Danny G. said...

Lotta cool info ' bout this cool cool flick...that I ain't never heard! Great gif , too! Thanks for sharin' Scott's great bloggins ', DMP! Nice job, Scotty my pal!

BlueisCoool said...

Thank you DMP and Danny G., I came across this very short but sweet gif recently and it did bring a smile to my face. A classic movie for sure and I was happy to share this findt. The never ending hunt for more continues.

Have a wonderful week.