Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Ed's Epistle: Deana Martin to Marshal the Dean Martin Festival Parade


Hey pallies, looks like Deana Martin herself will be heading the festivities at this year Dean Martin Festival there in Stuebenville Ohio!

Yours truly has made plans to attend this years festival, and plan on taking many, many pictures, and videos, and plans on sharing the memories with THE ilovedinomartin blog!



Danny G. said...

Man o man, pallie!!! I gots to admit...I'm simply GREEN with envy!! Haha!! So so cool you gets to check this out! Happy for you, pal! Can't wait for the inside scoop!!!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Eddie-o, there couldn't be a better time to walk where our Dino walked and breath in the air that our Dino breathed, and we knows you have pilgrimaged to Stu-ville before as well. Gotta 'fess up that while we are thrilled to know that youse will be on the spot givin' life coverage to ilovedinomartin, we ain't much 'cited by knowin' that Deana is headin' the celebration. We are still not pleased with the tone of her tome on her daddy-o.
Keeps lovin' 'n sharin' our most most beloved Dino!

Danny G. said...

Yea I gotta 'gree, pal. She all 'bout dear ol' Dad now...but I seem to 'member some not so kind sentiments 'bout Daddy Dean in the past. Just ridin' the Dino gravy train. Aggravatin'!!!

Always On Watch said...

Be sure to go to Naples Spaghetti House. Wonderful atmosphere and great photos on the walls. Not to mention the food!

I've been to the Naples Spaghetti House -- the last time, 10 years ago. Loved the food and, best of all, the atmosphere with our Dino's music playing in the background and those great photos on the walls of the restaurant.

Our Dino ate often at the Naples Spaghetti House -- or so I've read:

...At 329 North Street lies the Naples Steak and Spaghetti House (, one of Dean's favorite places for Italian food....

You can also find Naples Spaghetti House on Facebook.

I wish that I could go to Steubenville this year. Alas! My health problems and my husband's health problems will prevent my celebrating this extra-special Dean Martin Festival: our Dino's 100th birthday.

And one more thing....If there are impersonators there, see if you find Tom Stevens on the list of performers. He's an outstanding Dino impersonator when it comes to the Dino sound! Have a listen.

You can also find Tom Stevens on Facebook: Tom Stevens as Dean Martin.

Looking forward to your reportage from the festival!

Unknown said...

Amen Pallie-OH's!!

And there's lottsa gravy on the Dino-Train pallies!! She's dippin' a plenty, and ain't nobody fooled how or why she's gotta big ole ladle!!

Always On Watch said...

Deana ain't a spring chickie. Doesn't she already have enough money? Apparently, she and her husband own one home in Beverly Hills and one home is Branson. The Beverly Hills home is a penthouse.

Laura Lizer is the trustee of the Dean Martin Family Trust.

I think that our Dino's net worth at the time of his passing was $30 million. I'm guessing that in the past 22 years, the estate's value has risen because of all the marketing of Dino products.

I wonder if Deana Martin has been omitted from benefiting directly from the family trust?

Unknown said...

Thank you very much AOW for the insight!! I really want to hit the Spaghetti House!I wonder when the last time he ate there? Was it in the 1950's??

I hope to make my trip documented well enough to feel as if you went along. I can't wait to go again. I was there about 10 years ago myself. Had a drink at the Spot, walked the streets of old Stue'ville, and took in the feel of the place. The whole old downtown Stue'ville has an awesome feel to it, and it most likely looks the same as Dino roamed the streets.

That's an interesting take on Deana. Not sure if she was omitted, or 'poorly' benefited. I'm also wondering if the $30 million was a low number? Like you said, his estate should be in good shape. If handled correctly, in my opinion has to be worth a mint.

Always On Watch said...

The whole old downtown Stue'ville has an awesome feel to it, and it most likely looks the same as Dino roamed the streets.

So true!

Years ago, when I visited Steubenville, I ran into one of our Dino's schoolteachers: Francesca Monaco. She was quite elderly, of course, but shared with me a few tidbits about our Dino when he was in high school. I recall her saying, "He could have done the schoolwork, but he wasn't much interested."

Unknown said...

How awesome! Im envious!!