Sunday, April 23, 2017

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Then I'll Be Happy"

Hey there, pallies!

How's mi amici this week?

Feelin' good?
Not too bad, anyway?

Well...let me sees if I can help...a wee bit.

Got a GREAT GREAT Dino-jam for this drizzly little April day!
It's sure to lift your spirits...if the weather gots youse down...& will POS O TIVE LY put a smile on your face!

So...we ALL know...our FEARLESS leader, Dino Martin Peters, TOTALLY digs our Dino bein' his COMPLETELY "RANDIEST" he puts it...durin' the 70's. Haha!!

I loves his Dino-descriptions!

Now, pals o just so happens...I may have stumbled upon a Dino-tune that I aints EVER 'member hearin' before!

It's FUN!
IT'S...IT'S...SWINGINLY 70's!!!

You can see how much fun Dean was havin' at this time of his life!
The "blonde" I call them. Haha!!

I pulled it from Dino's show circa 1972.

The Ding-A-Lings help him out on this one, too.

Definitely a fun time for our pal amongst pals!

Now, my friends...the vid quality ain't the greatest & I couldn't find the lyrics to share...however...youse has got my Dino-promise...just give Dean two short minutes of your precious time...& youse'll be smilin' all day long!

Honest, pals!

Trust me!!

My skies are lookin' brighter already!

OK...let's do this!

DMP...this ones for you, pallie!

Let the sun shine in, mi amici!



Unknown said...

Nice happy tune Danny! Aint never heard this before pally! Nice find!

BlueisCoool said...

A wonderful up beat song Danny G., it will sure to bring anyone up no matter there mood!

Have a great week.


Danny G. said...

Glad you dig it, Ed my pal! I ain't never heards it myself. Love findin' new Dino-tunes to jam with!

Danny G. said...

Thanks Scotty! I def I nate ly agrees! Can't be blue with Dino on! Have a great week, pal!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Danny-o, we Dino-holics are always the happiest when we are hangin' with our most beloved Dino...'cause as likes we all knows, "HAPPINESS IS DEAN MARTIN!" We deeply deeply digs seein' our swingin'est '70's Dino makin' the scene with this old old standard and makin' it the coolest, hippest, randiest version ever. The way our Dino holds his ever present Kent cigarette while croonin' and his makin' the scene with the Ding-a-lings as the croon turns even more upbeat is simply the best. Thanks for the nod pallie, and indeed it is the '70's Dino with longer hair...btw the dye looks blonde, but we have read it was actually more red...indeed our Dino makes his professional and personal personas more and more coolly congruent! And, we did just a tad of research and found the lyrics for this Dino-delight... Indeed we wanna goes where our Dino goes, does what our Dino does and we will truly, truly be full to the beautiful brim of Dino-happiness! Keeps lovin' 'n sharin' our most beloved Dino!

I Wanna Go Where You Go, Do What You Do (Then I'll Be Happy) Lyrics
I wanna go where you go
Do what you do
Love when you love
Then I'll be happy

I wanna sigh when you sigh
Cry when you cry
Smile when you smile
Then I'll be happy

[Verse 2:]
If you go north or south
East or west
I'll follow you sweetheart
In your little love nest

[Repeat chorus]

I wanna go where you
(Go go go!)
Do what you do
(Do do do)
Love when you love
Then I'll be happy

I wanna sigh when you sigh
(Sigh sigh sigh!)
Fly when you fly
(Fly fly fly!)
Smile when you smile
Then I'll be happy

(If you go north, north or south)
(If you go east, east or west)
(I'll follow you, you sweetheart)
(And share your little love nest)

[Repeat refrain]

[Repeat verse 2]

[Repeat refrain]

I wanna go where you go
Do what you do
Then I'll be happy!
I Wanna Go Where You Go, Do What You Do (Then I'll Be Happy) lyrics

Always On Watch said...

Such a happy tune! I need some happiness right about now.