Sunday, April 10, 2016

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Grazie Prego Scusi"

Hey there, pallies O' mine!
 How's life treatin' youse?
Are the birdies singin' in your neck of the woods? Or...are the April showers keepin' youse indoors? in good ol' Massachusetts...Spring is havin' a TINY bit of trouble kickin' into FULL swing!
A little rain...a little snow. O boy. Haha!!
 No worries though, pals!
Don't forget...Spring is a state of mind, my friends!

It's here!
 All 'round us...just waitin' for the perfecto time to shine down!
 Stay positive, mi amici!
 We shall overcome! Ha!

 Guess what?! I have an idea, pallies!
 Let's get some Dino playin'...close our eyes...thinks happy thoughts...& conjour up some Springy type feelins'!
 Sound like a plan?!
Blue skies & pretty girls in pretty dresses!
Warm breezes & yummy drinks gettin' sipped on in sunny places! Ha!
Now THAT'S Spring!

 I have a GREAT GREAT jam for today's Serenade, pals!
 It's Dean teachin' us a wee bit of manners with the ladies...Italian style, of course!
 If anyone knew how to sweep the chicalinas off their was OB VI OUS LY Dino! Haha!!
 No doubt he was a PERFECT gentleman as well!

 "Grazie Prego Scusi" is SO SO cool & SO SO fun!
It's a lesson in love from the master himself & is SURE to get youse to that happy, Springtime place!

OK...let's give this a shot...I'll have one too...tequila please, Hahaha!!!
 I'm gettin' in a "Sunny" mood already! Haha!!
Keep the Dino-faith, pals!

Prego, oh when you kiss her goodnight
Scusi, when you turn out the light
Then whisper softly in her ear, right there
Grazie, grazie, scusi, prego
Brings her near

Scusi, when you hold her and then
Grazie, as you kiss her again
Remember every time you squeeze, say please
Prego, grazie, scusi, prego
It's a breeze

Prego,then she'll kiss you once more.
Scusi,as she latches the door
And all that's all you understand, it's grand
Grazie, grazie, scusi, prego
What a land

Prego, 'til the moonlight is gone
Grazie, as you kiss of the dawn
Three simple words that sound just right
All night
Grazie, grazie, scusi, prego
Be polite

(Scusi) When you hold her and then
(Grazie) As you kiss her again
Remember every time you squeeze, say please
Prego, grazie, scusi, prego
It's a breeze, it's a breeze


Always On Watch said...

Wonderful novelty tune!

BlueisCoool said...

I have been thinking of you of late Danny G. because i know that old man winter refuses to leave yet. I hope things will soon warm up in New England but i know spring will soon be in full bloom!

A great sounding music choice as always. A great way to bring a smile to ones face wherever you may be! Thanks once again my friend.

Have a safe and happy week!


Danny G. said...

Thanks for the feedback, mi amici! Yea...still kinda "Wintery" 'round Worcester, Scott. But...I keepeth the Dino-faith! Haha!! Thanks for the thoughts my Massachusetts pallie!